Classic Dubai and Abu Dhabi Private Tour


The accommodation in Dubai at the Time Grand Eft Crop  Plaza Hotel offers some notable features, like the fitness center or the rooftop swimming pool with a temperature control feature. Another hotel choice for travelers who tour Dubai would be the Time Oak Hotel & Suites. With its perfect location, the hotel is quite comfy and offers the best services and facilities. The last choice for travelers who wish to spend a vacation in Dubai is the Hues Boutique Hotel, one of the finest boutique hotels in the city that offers pretty affordable luxury.

Classic Dubai and Abu Dhabi Private Tour 1

The guests will get to view the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the world’s third-highest hotel and one of the most astonishing buildings in Dubai.

Another magnificent tour in Dubai will be to Jumeirah or the beautiful place. This area hosts the largest artificial island globally and many other notable buildings like the Jumeirah Mosque, one of the magnificent mosques newly built in the Gulf Region. Jumeirah welcomes many of the tourists who spend their vacations in Dubai.

The highlight of Dubai and the city’s most famous landmark is Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world. The height of this skyscraper exceeds 800 meters; the construction holds many international records, such as the world’s tallest structure ever built, the world’s highest restaurant and nightclub, and the world’s most elevated form, freestanding. A visit to skyscrapers is included in almost all tours to Dubai.

Touring Dubai guests will have a great time on the traditional Dhow dinner cruise. The guests would enjoy riding in one of the conventional Arabian sailboats, enjoy an entertaining oriental performance, and have a delicious dinner.

The guests enjoying their trip in Dubai will also explore the Al Fahidi Fort. Constructed in 1787, it is the oldest historical site in Dubai. The fort also hosts the Dubai Museum, which hosts impressive displays illustrating the city’s heritage and the whole country My Amend.

Besides Dubai, the guests will have a full-day visit to Al Ain, among the oldest residential settlements in UAE. The places we explore in Al Ain include the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum. This former royal palace features incredible architecture.