4 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Inspector


Buying a home is probably the most significant one-time investment an individual makes. Investing in the wrong property can land you regretting the decision your whole life without possibly undoing your action. Numerous factors must be considered while you make your significant purchase. But what factors and potential issues may arise while buying that property? You get all these questions answered by hiring a home inspector. A home inspector is a qualified, trained professional who thoroughly assesses the home or property you wish to buy.

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Home inspection involves a visual inspection of the performance of a home and finding out the hidden issues that can arise. Getting a specialized home inspector on board has saved thousands and millions of dollars by carefully checking out the premises and dropping off the wrong choices. But this scenario is only possible when hiring an expert home inspector. With dozens of individuals claiming to be specialized in this field, here is a list of some questions to be answered to make a final decision on the most reliable inspector for your home-

What are your qualifications and total experience?

Purchasing a home is a pivotal step. Hence, it is essential to check the home inspector’s qualifications, education, and experience. An expert home inspector would have undertaken more projects and executed them successfully than a newly minted inspector. Asking about their experience is required because you would want the job handled by a trained individual, not an amateur.

What will be the overall cost of a home inspection?

If you are hiring home inspection services for the first time, consult multiple inspectors to get an idea of the prevailing charges in the market. It should cost you in the range of a few hundred dollars. The cost of inspection also varies as per the size of the property. Having a clear idea beforehand will save you from getting surprised by receiving a bigger-than-expected bill later.

What areas are covered in your service package?

People expect a home inspector to dig into the minutest details of the home, which generally turns into disappointment if not fulfilled in the same way. Home inspections may not include inspecting mold, asbestos, or other pests infesting the house. So, it is necessary to speak to the home inspector about the scope of services provided to you.

Are you licensed and duly insured?

A licensed inspector ensures a home inspection of the utmost quality and precision. So, before hiring a home inspector, ask him if he has the licenses prescribed by the state government or the concerned authorities. In addition, ask if the inspector carries full insurance to protect you from all sorts of liabilities.