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  • Strawberry Blonde Hair We All Want To Copy

    Strawberry Blonde Hair We All Want To Copy0

    Strawberry blonde hair colour looks great on blondes but can also be worn by women with any hair colour. So if you want to migrate to the brunette territory, you should consider adding some accents or light shade wash to enrich your “natural” hair hue. Are you ready for this amazing experimentation? Well, take a

  • 5 Tips for Hiring An Ideal Plumbing Company In Toronto

    5 Tips for Hiring An Ideal Plumbing Company In Toronto0

    The problem of plumbing can occur to anyone and at any time. Minor leakage or a ruptured pipe can sometimes turn pricey and huge if not handled on time. For this purpose, it becomes essential to hire a professional plumber with a good experience. If you ever happen to choose a poor plumbing service, it

  • Reasons to Wear Sunglasses More Often

    Reasons to Wear Sunglasses More Often0

    Although, most people tend to believe that protection of eyes is the most important and is the key to overall health yet it is seen that they choose to wear sunglasses only to avoid the sun’s glare. There are quite a few reasons to make wearing sunglasses a habit, especially during summers, besides the glare.

  • Feature: The case for diversity

    Feature: The case for diversity0

    As the All-In Diversity Project launches its second survey, co-founder Kelly Kehn tells Gaming Intelligence why variety is a key to industrial achievement. The All-In Diversity Project (AIDP) has launched its second survey of the making a bet and gaming industry because it seeks to benchmark the world’s diversity, equality and inclusion efforts. Last yr