Is the American Dream Still Alive?


The information age has been documented by some Extra Update of the world’s leading economists as the biggest revolution since the industrial age. It will create more millionaires in the next ten years than at any other time in history. This paradigm shift quickly changes the business landscape, leaving many people behind as information technology advances faster than people can adapt to retrain themselves.

Is the American Dream Still Alive? 1

If you are a current business owner or are employed by a company and have been experiencing inevitable financial setbacks beyond your control, it’s because the business landscape is changing. Companies maximize their profit margins by moving overseas and outsourcing jobs overseas because labor and resources are cheap with less taxation for foreign corporations. Is the American dream fading away? Not. It’s easier now to create wealth than at any other time in history. It’s just a matter of being flexible enough to understand that there is a paradigm shift that you must position yourself and ride on the wave of opportunity the information age is creating.

Only savvy entrepreneurs will recognize this world trend and become the next wave of millionaires. It’s similar to what happened during the transition period between the agricultural revolution and the industrial age. The farmers could not believe that the automobile would replace the horse. What happened to those farmers who did not want to think and position themselves? They got left behind. It then took 300,000 farmers to produce what 3 million farmers were producing because of the advancement of machinery and equipment. Eventually, the farmers that did not adapt got left behind and became extinct like the dinosaurs.