The Best 5 Places to Visit in Tuscany, Italy


Many people will agree that Tuscany is one of Italy’s most beautiful places to visit. Tourists come here for different reasons: to view historical landmarks, enjoy its delicious cuisine, spend a weeklong vacation, taste famous wines, and more. If you’re considering traveling soon, check out great deals, packages, and Tuscan holiday rentals. Don’t know where to go? This article will feature the best ten places in Tuscany, Italy, especially for first-time visitors.

The Best 5 Places to Visit in Tuscany, Italy 1

1. Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa must be one of the most famous landmarks in Tuscany, Italy. As a first-timer here, you don’t want to miss out on snapping your memorable photo with the tower. Forced perspective photos are pretty trendy. How about pretending to push or kick the building over?

Beyond that, though, there’s more to Pisa that is also worth a visit. This city is situated along the Arno River and was considered a commercial empire during the Middle Ages. Stroll down Pisa’s Walking Street, check out the street performers, drop by Piazza del Duomo, spend the afternoon having a fabulous picnic on the grass, and stand inside The Baptistry, where Galileo Galilei was baptized.

2. Prato

Are you an adventure type of tourist? Then Prato is a must-visit. Go cycling in this fine destination and stroll around the countryside. Prado is an influential city in Tuscany and was once one of the largest textile manufacturers in the region. While you’re here, check out the Duomo di Prato, the Emperor’s Castle, and the Textile Museum. Try Prato’s most famous Biscotti biscuit and the cured Mortadella Salami for foodies and hungry souls. These are two local delicacies that you can also enjoy.

3. San Gimignano

Tuscany boasts San Gimignano for its charm and serenity. This town is most well-known for its medieval towers and ancient city walls. Live in the spirit and wear medieval costumes if you’re willing to take creative shots since the background and the skyline are perfect for the concept. Walk into the Museo Estrusco and the Museo Archeologico and discover interesting historical pieces and relics.

4. Siena

Siena is a place that can capture your heart. The city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which must be enough reason to include it in your itinerary. Located in the south of Tuscany, Siena has a rich history, where numerous sites are found. Visit the Cathedral of Siena, Palazzo Pubblico, the Basilica of San Domenico, and the Palazzo Salimbeni.

5. Grosseto

Grosseto is an ideal place to wander if you’re a history fan. Hear the stories from the locals as you walk through important buildings such as the Duomo di Grosseto, the Porta Corsica, the Bastione Cavallerizza, and the Aldobrandeschi Palace. These are fascinating sites that are dear to the hearts of many people. Spending a half-day will be enough to cover its main highlights.