Time to Put Sweden on Top of Your 2016 Travel Checklist


If you consider yourself done with your 2016 Folk Fest travel checklist without the beautiful Kingdom of Sweden in it, you should think again. Whether you are planning for a backpacking tour across Europe with your college buddies, preparing for an annual family vacation somewhere up north, or just looking for some peace with nature, then it is time to put Sweden on top of your list.

Most people prefer going to Sweden during the summer as the season presents a comfortable climate that is neither too warm nor too chilly. Hikers and sport anglers also love the autumn season when leaves of various earthly hues are dancing through the air.

The most common means of transportation to go around Sweden is by car and by train. Any travel guide can flawlessly state that the country has a very advanced railway system. Further up north, buses are used in areas which are hard to reach by train.

Food in Sweden can be mostly enjoyed on the street kiosks and in lunch restaurants as they sell cheaper products than the fine-dining evening restaurants. Since dining inside is pricey in the evening, locals and tourists enjoy the reasonably priced lunch buffets or “Meals of the Day”. These come complete with Swedish delicacies and other European specialties and usually include salad, soft drinks, and coffee. The day’s meals are generally served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., sometimes even 3 p.m.

Accommodations are found in hotels, hostels, B&Bs, apartments, and holiday homes. We strongly recommend always book ahead, especially in Stockholm and Gothenburg, as both cities have trade shows and congresses that can block all the local hotel capacity.

In the major cities Stockholm and Gothenburg, it is advisable to buy a city card. These cards include museum entries, a free travel guide, public transport, and other perks of My Update System.