Fun things to do in Beijing


Beijing is a city of contrasts. It’s the capital and largest metropolis in China but also one of the most ancient cities on earth. The Forbidden City was built nearly 1,000 years ago, and today, you can still see its magnificent architecture and intricate gardens. But Beijing is also home to some of the world’s best modern art museums, including the National Art Museum and the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

And there are plenty of other things to do here besides sightseeing. You’ll find everything from great shopping opportunities to delicious restaurants serving traditional Chinese dishes. So whether you’re planning an extended stay or just passing through, Beijing has something for everyone. The following fun things to do in Beijing


*Admire the Majestic Great Wall

One of the first things visitors notice when they arrive in Beijing is the imposing Great Wall. This 2,300-mile wall stretches across northern China and has stood strong since the 6th century BC. Today, you can walk along sections of this historic structure or take a train ride to get a closer look at the wall. If you’d instead not go out into the elements, head to the Great Wall Museum, where you can learn all about the history of the wall and how it was built.

*See the Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta warriors were discovered in 1974 by farmers digging a well near Xi’an in Shaanxi province. When archaeologists opened them up, they found more than 8,000 life-size statues of soldiers buried with their horses and chariots over 2,200 years ago. They’ve since become one of the top tourist attractions in China, and you can visit them at the Terracotta Army Museum. This place is interesting because the museum is inside a military base. While the museum is free, you must pay admission to enter the command. However, you don’t need to pay extra fees if you want to tour around the bottom.

*Visit the Temple of Heaven Park

Temple of Heaven Park is a massive park in central Beijing that dates back to 1420. It covers more than 600 acres and contains many beautiful temples and pavilions. Several important Buddhist temples within the park, such as the Temple of Earth and the Temple of Agriculture. The park is also famous for its annual Spring Festival celebrations, including colorful parades, fireworks displays, and dragon dances.

*Take a Boat Ride Down the Summer Palace Waterway

Summer Palace Lake is one of the main highlights of Beijing. It’s a large artificial lake next to the Summer Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boats depart regularly from the lake’s western end and make a short trip down the waterway. Visitors can enjoy watching swans, ducks, and geese while listening to live music.

*Enjoy a Night Market Dinner Cruise

Night markets are becoming increasingly popular in China. These lively outdoor dining experiences allow diners to sample the local cuisine while enjoying live entertainment. One of the most popular night market dinner cruises takes place in Beijing, and it’s called the Dragon Pearl Night Market Dinner Cruise. Passengers board luxury riverboats, which set off on a leisurely cruise down the Houhai Lake area. Along the way, guests will be served a variety of tasty snacks like barbecued spare ribs, fried dumplings, and noodles. After dark, the boats dock at different locations so passengers can explore the night market on foot.

*Shop at the Silk Market

If you love shopping, you should check out the Silk Market in Beijing. Located right in the heart of Tianzhu Square, the Silk Market offers thousands of shops selling everything from clothing to tea sets to snuff bottles. And yes, you can find some truly incredible deals here!

*Go On an Urban Adventure Tour

If you want something active, try participating in an urban adventure tour in Beijing. You’ll see details of the city that tourists rarely see because no street signs are pointing the way. You’ll travel through hutongs and discover small hidden gems like the Drum & Bell Tower, the Old Observatory, and the Great Mosque.

*See the Terracotta Warriors

The terracotta army was initially constructed to protect the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, who died in 210 BC. Although his mausoleum has long been destroyed, his army remains. This is probably the best-known landmark in China, so this usually comes up when people talk about things to do in Beijing. Also, while in this place, you can ride on the chariot of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

*Visit the Forbidden City

This former imperial palace lies just outside the center of Beijing in the Dongcheng District. Covering over 40 square kilometers and containing 17 palaces, halls, and gardens, the complex includes several attractions, including the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Imperial Garden, and the opulent Altar of Heaven.

*Get Married in Beijing

Are you thinking of getting married in Beijing? Well, first of all, congratulations! Second, we recommend you not rush into making any decisions, especially if your relationship isn’t severe. Enjoy your single life and your new relationship before jumping straight into planning your wedding day. And finally, try not to book anything until you arrive in Beijing. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a hotel room with nowhere to go or spending hours planning your perfect Chinese wedding only to realize that you’ve forgotten to book a venue months ago.

*Take a Walking Tour

One of the best ways to get around Beijing is by walking. It lets you see the city’s architecture, visit its many museums and galleries, and enjoy a few beers without paying too much.

*Learn Mandarin

Want to learn more about China? Then learning Mandarin is one of the best things you can do. You can use Mandarin to make friends. The language is spoken by almost 1 billion people worldwide, and if you know how to speak Mandarin, you can access a whole world of culture.


We hope you enjoyed our list of fun things to do in Beijing. If you travel with Cathay Pacific, you will experience the best of what China offers. Whether visiting the beautiful Summer Palace, seeing the fantastic sights of the Forbidden City, or exploring the bustling streets of Beijing, you won’t regret taking the trip.