The Key Points of Successful Online Business


Starting an online business is not a simple thing. However, there is the 3U rule bearing the following three simple points, which should be obeyed to make your online business successful: Unique Offer, Unique Service, and Unique Design. As you can see, Design is not the first, as Offer and Service go before it.

The Key Points of Successful Online Business 1

Make a Unique Offer

After researching your competitors, you may feel somewhat confused, as there are so many of them, and each one states that he is the best in the field. Don’t despair. The information you gather is necessary only to help you build your offer. You should not use it to make a case against yourself! , you need all the information you can get. A competitor’s website is not the only source of information. Try to find out what his customers think about him. Do not trust testimonials; try some posts on forums where you will get real testimonials! Find your competitor’s weaknesses and try your best to avoid them. His weaknesses should become your strong points. Your offer, however, is not the only thing to make your customers return. Your service should be unique as well.

Provide a Unique Service

The critical point of Unique Service is constant feedback. Find out who your clients are and what they like or dislike about your service. This is the information for improving your service.

Do a little research on how your competitors work. Competitor monitoring is the best way to determine what’s new on the market. You shouldn’t miss anything about them: who their customers are and why they stay with your competitor, details about their affiliate programs, who their partners are, where they get traffic, etc. – any information that may be useful.

However, competitors are not the only source of ideas for improving your services. Try to study how hosting companies work. They have been in the business from the beginning, so their experience will be useful to any newbie to an online business.

Create a Unique Design

One problem that arises before a newbie is creating a front office or website, which is almost the same as a front office on the Web. This is not a big problem.

Online business is not limited to website design. While having a unique website design is good, it will not make your brand memorable. The real question is, how can you make your brand unique?

There are several ways to solve this problem. But first, you must understand that the site development process is somewhat complicated and usually requires a team of project managers, designers, coders, and programmers. And you need only go to one of them to begin your project. The only thing that may hamper you is the budget, as it usually costs $1000-$3000 to develop an excellent website.

Money often becomes a real problem for newbies to online businesses, as their budgets are not equal to the cost of website development. They should pay for hosting, domain registration, an advertising campaign, etc. But this is not a dead-end situation; there’s a there that a newbie can afford – website templates. A ready-made design is the only thing you need. Convert it to your website by filling in the content. Though you may assume that using a website template will dilute your brand to nothing, it is not the case that you won’t be wantonly one with this template. The number of downloads usually displayed on a website template provider is not the absolute number of sites built on the template.

How can it be so? Do website template providers knowingly lower the number of downloads to stimulate purchases? The answer is no, as reliable providers regularly update databases with new templates. The problem is that when you put your site online, anybody can rip it off! Besides, the largest template providers, such as Template Monster, Cool Home Pages, OSWD, and others, constantly suffer from piracy.

Therefore, a unique design is impossible because anything can be copied, stolen, or used with slight alterations. Even custom web design is not safe from intellectual parasitism and predation.

Which is preferable? Should you choose a Web Design Company or use ready-made templates? It’s up to them to decide, though using templates is not as frightful as it is considered. It significantly saves you money. Remember that Unique Design is not a synonym for a Unique Brand.

To stand out from your competitors, you should obey the 3U rule, which will deliver you the best and cheapest advertising – word-of-mouth.