Nine easy ways you can market your small business during the holidays


We are now in the middle of the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, and the New Year. With many celebrations comes many opportunities to eat and relax with friends and family or take time off work to spoil yourself during the holidays (unless you work in an industry that does not have a break, per se).

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably will not have these holidays since you are still working. However, your customers will likely have the holidays to spend alone or with their loved ones – that presents a great chance to spread the word about your small enterprise. To maximize opportunities in the following year, you cannot afford to miss that opportunity.


If you would like ideas on becoming more memorable during the holidays, read for some tips.

Preparing your calendar


You want to ensure every one of the holidays is marked on your calendar and that you have reminders (since you are human and can forget when overwhelmed with other issues to take care of). This will also help you plan out exciting and relevant content to share with your clients on these days and promote it in time for them to benefit from sales offers and get it online.

For every holiday that is relevant to your situation, create a separate holiday social media calendar. It will also let you know when your employees will be off and plan for other related activities. The sooner you do it, the better.

Make the most out of holidays through sales.


This is the easiest way to get the most out of the holiday season by offering everything. For instance, Black Friday has no extensive tradition behind it other than providing businesses a chance to cash in by giving sales offers.

You do not have to put all your items on sale, though. Just identify the ones you want to sell off and the discounts they have, then prepare your marketing material.

Include gifts in the package.


If you would like to make deals more attractive to your customers and encourage more of them to buy from you, you can include gifts within the purchase. This will show them that you are not simply reducing the prices of services or products you offer; you are also doing your part to enhance the holiday season.

You can include a variety of gifts according to your budget. They can be as simple as coupons, product information, or complex gifts like Lego sets. Whatever you decide, ensure your customers feel the feeling of including them in the celebration.

Create some videos

Part of the internet’s marketing power in promoting a business is videos – not just photos or products themselves. If you are not utilizing videos, you miss out on many benefits you could get from them alone.

The good news is that you do not need to spend so many hours trying to fiddle around with the software and making the videos look professionally done – neither do you need to hire a video editor at high price ranges. Use editing platforms such as Promo, making it easy to create videos by choosing pre-edited and pre-shot high-quality footage and sharing it when done.

Retain high activity levels on social media.

Just because you are on holiday does not mean you go on an entire vacation on social media. You want to retain the connections you have made on your social media platforms, so you need to maintain consistent updates. This will also prepare your followers and general audiences for the next holiday and encourage them to spend on your products.

You can do this through initiatives like inspiring your Facebook audiences to share your videos or photos with their friends and have great content to share through Instagram stories or posts.

Sending personal emails that share your story

Even though social media is high on your list of opportunities to connect with customers and potential followers, do not forget the benefits of using email to communicate with them.

Email feels more personal than public social media posts, so write a good story about your business. Remember to include thanks to your customers because they play a role in the story while having a CTA (call to action).

Decorating your storefront


Regardless of their niche, every business will decorate their websites and entrances with things that remind you of the holidays, similar to Casino Kiwi reminding their clients about offers they are giving by placing the information on their home pages.

Borrow a leaf from them and make your website and storefront look exciting and aligned with the holiday themes. Even your packaging can include festive designs that also relate to your brand. The customer will feel like they are using an opportunity that only lasts for a minimum period, so they will be encouraged to buy goods.

Updating your goals

The holiday season is a perfect time to review what you have achieved in the days leading up to it, something that may be difficult to do during other times in the year. You can also review your objectives, update your content, and set new goals, which allows it to look up-to-date and fresh. It is also a great time to shift gears or change ideas that are not working for you.

Reveal your persona

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so do not get caught up in the planning details you lose and stop enjoying the moment. You can use this time to build relationships with your customers as well.

Final thoughts

The holidays are a great time to market your business but in different ways from the norm. After all, you are using that time to build strong relationships with your customers, propelling your business to the next level when the holidays are over.