Starting An Online Home Business? Work At Home Internet Tips And Ideas


Most people starting an online home business do so while working a full-time job, and therefore, being organized will help you make maximum use of the few hours a day you have to dedicate to your work at a home internet business.

Getting and keeping the contents of your computer organized will save you heaps of time, and it is a great idea to set up a sound filing system so that you do not waste time looking for web addresses, passwords, files, e-books, emails, images, etc.

Suppose you are starting an online home business that involves joining a few affiliate programs. In that case, you will have many important information and emails coming in that you will need to refer to. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you have saved a specific file or bookmarked a meaningful web address and being unable to find it.

Starting An Online Home Business? Work At Home Internet Tips And Ideas 1

Firstly, the initial information you will receive will be in the form of emails, so it is strongly advised that you set up folders in your Outlook to file the emails in the relevant folders. If you join several affiliate programs, open a folder for each program.

To set up a new folder in Outlook, click on File in the Menu Bar (the top horizontal menu); in the drop-down menu, click NEW, then click on FOLDER. A little window will open entitled CREATE FOLDER, and you then type in the box qualified FOLDER NAME, the name you would like to give this new folder. Then click OK.

This way, you can set up sub-folders too. For example, you may have a main folder called XYZ Affiliate Program. You could create subfolders under that for Admin emails, another for Sale Notifications, and another for New Signups. In your Outlook main window, select XYZ Affiliate Program, right-click, choose New Folder, and type in the title for your subfolder.

If you make an error or your subfolder appears in the wrong place, do not panic. Right-click on the folder and click delete and try again. Or, if you want to rename the folder, right-click, cho,ose rename, and enter the correct name.

Setting up folders in Outlook will save you a tremendous amount of time when you need to locate a specific email, and you will find that your Inbox is not full of emails you have already dealt with or read. There is also the search function in Outlook, should you need it. File the emails in their folders as soon as you have dealt with them. Do not forget to file the emails in your Sent Box into their folders. Often, it is your reply to an email you will be looking for.

Your Favorites in Internet Explorer, or whatever browser you are using, is another place you need to keep well organized as this will save you so much time and frustration.

Again, set up folders and subfolders if necessary. Using Internet Explorer 7 in the Menu Bar, click Favorites, then choose Organize Favorites from the drop-down menu. In the small open window, click on New Folder, and a new folder will be highlighted where you type in the name. You can also move, rename, and delete folders here as well. Or you can select the Star Icon for Favorites, so they open down the left-hand side of your screen. Right-click on a folder choice,ose the option New Folder, and type in the name.