Creating Monthly Passive Income Using The Internet


Every business that has been put up is designed to make money, whether online or offline.

The main reason, I believe, why 97% of businesses, online or offline, is because they don’t or forget to follow this simple rule.

Most people get caught up and distracted by all the hype out there. Many products and information available failed to deliver what was promised when advertised. Some people would chase “gurus” and buy products from them that promise the whole world but only mislead the business owner from really making a profit.

Creating Monthly Passive Income Using The Internet 1

Making profits may seem complicated, but when you know what you are doing and apply the correct information, making money is more accessible.

And this is why I wrote this series of tips for you. This will help you create passive income online, maybe even a 6-figure yearly or monthly payment. This tip and the succeeding ones will show you what and how to do it correctly.

Consider this: making money using the internet is a skill. This skill can be learned. Making money online is all about Marketing and Building Relationships with potential customers.

It doesn’t matter what you call it – internet marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, or whatever you name it.

What matters is knowing your potential customer’s wants and needs and providing them to them.

“What about selling?” you may ask.

I will show that knowing how to sell online is the last thing you must worry about.

The fact is, if you have not made a sale online, you might be trying too hard, too hard to sell, for that matter.

So, instead of doing things the hard way, let me show you how to do it smartly. Let me show you how to make even more money while working less and less.

The good news is that when you learn what I will show you, you can use it to sell anything online, as I’ve just said – ANYTHING.

There are three essential basics in making money online. Here they are:

Step #1

Know how to position yourself in a profitable area. You need to identify a niche many people already buy from.

Step #2

Create capture pages that convert to collect interested people’s email addresses (and names) in your subject matter.

Step #3

Helping your subscribers solve their problems is essential in building a relationship with them.

So there you go. But we are not done with this yet. This is just the first series of tips I will share with you. So stay tuned, and I assure you that you’ll be able to save tons of money by receiving these tips regularly.

Mike Galarraga has been marketing on the internet for more than a year and has received sharable and valuable information from his mentor. His website, [], is one of his new marketing systems to help new and seasoned network marketers accelerate business growth.