Should I Post to Multiple Blogs?


It is quite a not unusual situation. After identifying to start a weblog, mainly your favorite hobby, one nighttime, you find nothing about that concern to write. Still, in particular, a fascinating publish approximately a concert you went to ultimate night time simply itching to be written. While you initially wanted to write travelogues in your blog, you discover yourself not going anywhere this month and sense like, nicely, perhaps you can try scribbling down some fiction instead. Why must your weblog be limited to an unmarried aspect of your life? Why not write about different things? Should you create a new blog for each problem, you must jot down?

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The answer appears to be deceptively simple. It is straightforward to create a brand new weblog, and, in case you are new to the entire blogging revel, perhaps growing a blog on a unique platform could be quite a great concept. You could research the whole technique, determine which tools and talents are essential to you as a blogger, and, most importantly, keep your one-of-a-kind topics directly and separately. But is growing a new blog the proper solution? It turns out this finally becomes a question of identification, branding, and, possibly simply as importantly, your potential to juggle multiple responsibilities.

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Time and time again, net marketing professionals will seek advice on the importance of establishing a brand, something uniquely identifiable approximately you, or what miles you convey for your web web page or blog. Some lots contribute to a brand: emblems, design factors, choice of colors, and so forth, but it has little meaning unless it’s miles followed through consistent content. Everyone knows what to expect from a McDonald’s and could be perturbed if they sooner or later became up at one to locate they were promoting something other than fast meals.

This argument usually applies to the question about beginning a 2D or 0.33 weblog or maybe consolidating more than one present blog into one. Suppose your first weblog is set up and famous for serving up one particular kind of content material. In that case, posting distinctive or contradictory content material on the blog must moderate some cautious symptoms. There are a few apparent forms of content material that have to be stored separately at all times. For instance, corporate content material must be kept separate from political or non-public viewpoints. If your web page is already so significant that it needs to be considered a logo, the selection is made for you. Your readers could resist adjustments to your content material; your brand might not tolerate one-of-a-kind difficulty remembering, and as a result, a new venue would be wanted.


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Most people grossly overestimate how excellent branding they have invested in their site so far. Most high-quality blogs are deserted quickly after handing out an adorable name, subject choice, and a handful of posts. The blogger discovers they have little or nothing to put in writing their chosen challenge or do not have the time or energy. The passion is often for the writing; however, not always for the selected challenge; perhaps the scope isn’t extensive enough.

Perhaps there is nowhere close to enough to write about that situation to keep regular or semi-everyday posting. If this is the case, possibly beginning a new blog is not always the answer; maybe a minor renaming or remodeling is all it takes. Retitling, deciding on themes, and perhaps getting a higher URL are all things that may be completed without splitting from the present content material. If your blog is new, there will not be much to lose from making those styles of modifications. There is not a good emblem at stake.