Seven Steps to Success With a Custom Mobile App


If you’re already using a mobile phone app, Reality Crazy (smartphone app), for your business, you’re likely able to appreciate the power of mobile apps. Whether using an app to view YouTube videos from your corporate channel or Twitter to communicate with potential customers, apps have become more significant with businesses. Even custom apps for businesses explicitly built for a company or enterprise have found a definitive niche. However, going down the path to creating an app for your business is fraught with peril. You can follow some basic steps to help ensure your Success with a customized mobile phone app.

Seven Steps to Success With a Custom Mobile App 1

The steps to Success are:

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Understand how your app will be used
  • Document your app before it’s built
  • Document your distribution strategy
  • Research and research the developer
  • Test the application before and after distribution

Perform a post-mortem

I’m a seasoned professional in the Information Technology sector. I’ve spent years working with the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and appreciate the nuances needed for successful full-scale program/project implementation. Although I genuinely believe that many SDLC steps should be followed for mobile app development, I also realize that many companies don’t have the financial resources to implement a smartphone app based upon the SDLC entirely. A new app developed under a detailed SDLC project framework can cost enterprises thousands of dollars and a significant investment of resource time. Since many small and medium-sized businesses may want mobile apps but need to operate leaner, the steps outlined here can serve as a ‘starter plan’.

When you begin with the end in mind, you can visualize the result as completely as possible. This means do your research and look at existing App Store and Android Marketplace apps. (You may find an already created app that matches your 85% or more needs.) Make a list of the app’s features and a list of the features the app should have. If you’re artistic, go ahead and sketch the app’s look and feel to convey to a developer what is desired in the User Interface. This whole exercise should not take too long. You will revisit this document shortly.