Canadian Girls 2016 Olympic Soccer Roster


During the Canadian versus France soccer game My Update Web  at the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016 Olympic Games the sports announcers put forth some very interesting, that the Canadians had played every single player during the Olympic Games thus far. Let’s talk about this shall we?

“If you are good enough to be on the Olympic Soccer team you are good enough to play, and you should” says the Canadian Girls Olympic Soccer Coach who has started 17 of the 19 girls on the roster before the semi-finals round, and all girls have played at least some — yes, the entire roster — before the semi-final round against Germany. One could say that part of this strategy comes from a socialism mindset, that everyone is equal which is a very nice and cute touch, but at the Olympics, winning is everything and losing means you can’t go home with gold – so the stakes are high and it is a risky move on the coach’s part, although the coach probably thinks that it is the right way and only way.

The US Olympic Girls Soccer team has been knocked out of the Olympic Tournament, and they were the defending gold medal champions from the last Olympic Games. The US Soccer coach wouldn’t perhaps consider such a move. Does this mean ‘fairness’ in equal play and participation is the best strategy or just coincidence. Could the US beat the Canadian Team? Well, they certainly have before.

Now then, I’ve had some experience with this issue before as a young man in youth soccer, and yes, I was an A-player on this particular team, being a “Club Soccer” athlete but playing a season of AYSO league soccer. Our coach that year made sure every team member played the exact same amount of time each game regardless of their ability.

Guess what happened, we lost almost every game, now we were not the best team with the best players but we certainly shouldn’t have been in second to last in the league, I blamed it all on that methodology, never forgave the coach and from then on never really wanted to play soccer again, preferring solo sports where I had to rely on my own ability, training, and will to win. In a way, I am still bitter, only because I was taken out in the fourth quarter a couple of times when we really needed our best players on the field – we thus, lost those games, setting us further behind in the league.

Yes, I know soccer is a team sport, but I doubt anyone on the team wanted to be in second to last place just so they could play an extra quarter when they knew they were not good enough to help the team win the game. Maybe we are taking the whole “equality” thing a little too far? You decide.

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