Beauty Reigns This Astrological Year 2010-2011


Leo is the fifth of the 12 member Zodiac relay group that is divided into 4 parts, 3 participants for every season. Aries, Taurus, and Gemini belong to the spring group; Cancer, Leo and Virgo to the autumn team and Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces to the iciness crew. The Zodiac relay group continues passing its torch to the following member as soon as every 30 days.

The Zodiac relay team works together to ensure that the cosmic energies that have been acquired at the start of the astrological 12 months, the Vernal Equinox on March 21, are applied as lots as possible via Mother Earth’s inhabitants by way of the quiet of the Zodiac 12 months on March 20, during Pisces. This is how Mother Earth adapts, reworking herself, evolving much like us.

Beauty – This Year’s Energy

This yr the principal cosmic strength is beauty, that’s the outer expression of love. Sounds brilliant and it’s far instability. There’s a development although because the energy of splendor stimulates us, propelling us into movement. Each of us can also respond in another way. It all relies upon on where we’re in our own progression in the direction of the stability of splendor.

Inertia or Victim Stage

If we’re in inertia or the sufferer stage of splendor, in the beginning, we come to be painfully aware of our ugliness; typically first physically, this is all approximately our body, our possessions, in which we live, our houses and the whole thing inside the physical realm.

Emotional – Relationships

As properly we grow to be aware of the parts of our relationships which can be genuinely ugly and poisonous which may be emotionally painful. We may even get out or far away from these relationships if they will not adapt with us.

Mental – Profession

Our thoughts additionally come beneath scrutiny. This is a hard one, as that is all approximately our survival, the way we deliver in our cash in addition to keep it.

Spiritual – Service

And final but now not least, we ought to take a look at the way we express ourselves or not, in service. In the sufferer tiers, often we do not attain out to assist others. We’re too crushed and simply cry for more help ourselves. But as a sufferer, we also can serve if we show our gratitude and our appreciation to people who assist us. That’s the real charge to a hero, this heartfelt change. Also if we permit the heroes to know what isn’t always working, what isn’t always helping us to get better, it’s additionally carrier at this stage.

Call Out for a Hero

If we can not rework our ugliness in any of those four areas – bodily, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through ourselves, with a bit of luck we are able to cry out for a heroine, a person who is nice on her way to a balanced splendor to assist us. This is surely a win-win scenario, as a heroine is one who helps others with answers she determined shifting from the victim to the hero stage. Only then is the heroine certain the solutions she determined for herself are of real value to our evolving awareness.

The Other Extreme – The Villain Stage

If we’re reworking our ugliness in a true manner, we’ll ordinarily get away this stage or have a brief stint in it. The villain degree gets its strength from all the hurts we’ve got continued within the sufferer degree. It’s the ugly energies in these painful reviews that we now hurl at others as our manner of having revenge, seeking to balance ourselves. This method does not work although and will only land us back into the sufferer degree, as there may be constantly someone larger and more potent that we attract to us, to send us returned walking to cover below cover as the sufferer.

Don’t settle for being a villain, it maintains you within the swing from one extreme to every other, and it is not probable via the give up of the 12 months you may simply rework yourself into beauty. Accidents, illnesses, courting dramas take you out of the sport, parking you to the facet at the same time as those that do adept hold proper ongoing. It might not be long before you’ve got not anything is not unusual.


However, if physically we always felt bad about our ugliness, now we might also swing to the femme fatale level or villain level wherein we use our splendor to ensnare others, manipulating and taking the gain.

Emotional Relationships

People now ought to clamor, dashing to us to be in a relationship or our old ones could all at once start to pay attention to what we’ve got to mention, as we might be talking with a tone of affection, beauty. Just make sure you don’t need to take the gain, get returned for all the ugliness that turned into hurled your way, matching your frequency of who you have been before you began at the route to splendor.

Mental – Professions

We grow to be most aware of the unpleasant boastful part of our mind that directed our thinking technique, our plans and strategies now not in the direction of love but turning into more dominant and controlling.

You should, of direction through including the splendor, the packaging, trap people in to buy from you. But after they open the container, there would be no substance interior, just the sizzle of the packaging. Also surely examine your career, are you making your money, the way to aid yourself in a manner that is including greater beauty, extra connecting, greater love. If it is now not, do not justify via who else is doing the same issue. Change your self, adapt, do not sucker yourself into basking inside the glory, the repute of being a hit through taking benefit of these much less clever than you.

Spiritual – Service

Service is simply approximately supporting as well as preventing those that hurt others. You need to surely check yourself to make certain your provider is coming from love, not making others structured so they may adore and idolize you. Or setting no limitations for your love, your splendor justifying you could take advantage of those so adoring of you and your help.

Balanced Beauty

Beauty is a manifestation of affection and in balance connects, making you sense really proper about yourself. Also, the ones in your life will honestly experience cherished via you and want to connect. Beauty is part of the magic formulation of How To Live a Life of Love, the promise of the matriarch guided technology that we’re getting into most swiftly.

And your religious provider could now be approximately helping the sufferers end up their personal heroines. Or you’ll with beauty, with love, consciously stop the villains who can’t forestall their very own bad ugly behavior. Only then do the villains have a hazard either on this lifestyle or the in among lives level to be rehabilitated. And you my expensive, you would absolutely integrate splendor inside your self, have adapted to the incoming cosmic energies and be ready for the next wave of energy coming in the subsequent Vernal Equinox.