Beauty Reigns This Astrological Year 2010-2011


Leo is the fifth of the 12-member Zodiac relay group divided into four parts, with 3 participants for every season. Aries, Taurus, and Gemini belong to the spring group; Cancer, Leo, and Virgo belong to the autumn team; and Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces belong to the iciness crew. The Zodiac relay group continues passing its torch to the following members as soon as every 30 days.

Beauty Reigns This Astrological Year 2010-2011 1

The Zodiac relay team works together to ensure that the cosmic energies that have been acquired at the start of the astrological 12 months, the Vernal Equinox on March 21, are applied as lots as possible via Mother Earth’s inhabitants by way of the quiet of the Zodiac 12 months on March 20, during Pisces. This is how Mother Earth adapts, reworking herself and evolving like us.

Beauty – This Year’s Energy

This year, the principal cosmic strength is beauty, the outer expression of love. Sounds brilliant, and it’s far unstable. There’s a development because the energy of splendor stimulates us, propelling us into movement. Each of us can also respond in another way. It all relies upon where we’re in our progression in the direction of the stability of splendor.

Inertia or Victim Stage

If we’re in inertia or the sufferer stage of splendor, in the beginning, we come to be painfully aware of our ugliness; typically, first, physically, this is all approximately our body, our possessions, in which we live, our houses, and the whole thing inside the physical realm.

Emotional – Relationships

As properly, we grow to be aware of the parts of our relationships that can be genuinely ugly and poisonous, which may be emotionally painful. We may even get out or far away from these relationships if they do not adapt to us.

Mental – Profession

Our thoughts additionally come under scrutiny. This is a hard one, as that is all approximately our survival, the way we deliver in our cash and keep it.

Spiritual – Service

And last but not least, we ought to look at how we express ourselves or not in service. In the sufferer tiers, often, we do not reach out to assist others. We’re too crushed and cry for more help ourselves. But as a sufferer, we can also serve if we show gratitude and appreciation to the people who assist us. That’s the actual charge to a hero, this heartfelt change. Also, if we permit the heroes to know what isn’t always working, what isn’t always helping us get better, it’s an additional carrier.