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Swoon-Worthy Short Haircuts You Have to Try This Year

Short haircuts not only make you look sexy and romantic, but they also give you a chic and sophisticated look. Two keywords come up whenever women discuss cutting their hair short- liberation and empowerment. This is precisely what short hairstyles promise you. You have more time to do other things and save some bucks on regular hairstyling, which you no longer do when you have a shortcut.

This season, there are a variety of short hairstyles with different shapes and textures. There is one that you will find suitable for you. See it here and learn the best way to wear it for your next styling.


1. Centre Part Short Bob

A short haircut with a part in the middle gives you a brand-new personality. It is half youthful and half part geek, especially when you complement it with big curls and lime green hair hue. This cute haircut’s base is a short, same-length geometric bob that you are wearable sleek, or smooth.

2. Architectural

Modern architecture is accredited to this haircut inspiration. After a decade of blunt edges and mass layering, this beautiful aesthetic has made a fierce comeback. A simple geometric short hairstyle is a perfect way to show off bright, artistic hair shade. However, don’t forget to keep it glowing with an application of oil before blow-drying it.


3. Big Bends

You can update your lob or bob instantly by incorporating a relaxed hair texture. Utilize hair texturizing spray and use a big curling flat iron to come up with a large curl or each portion of hair around your head, about the middle of a third at the top.


4. Full Pixie Cut

This short pixie haircut looks more feminine and flattering by the side-swept bangs and wispy silhouette combo. Another essential aspect that makes it ideal for all face shapes is an enhanced volume on the top. It is achieved by applying a mousse and blow-drying the hair using a small round brush.


5. Angled Bob

This haircut is a complete opposite of a lived-in look. It is sleek, clean, and perfect. The fine angled hair is the beautiful and the best way to frame your sexy facial features, and the shiny texture is the ideal canvas for a vibrant hair hue. If you choose to use a flat iron to create the soft strands, ensure that you start with the hair conditioning to safeguard your hair color and hair from damage.


6. Dramatic Disconnection

This glamorous shape elevates the pixie haircut to a different new level of freshness. With a long top section, unstructured ‘I don’t care’ texture, and tousled sides, the unique shape only gets notable by adding icy violet and orchid color. It is a go-strong or go-home style!