Our Honeymooning in Kerala- Exploring the Adode of Serene Beauty


Well, not like all of the travelogues I have written these days; this one may sound like a fraction of my emotional fancies. And for that, remember, whosoever in the world told to recount their honeymooning ventures/escapades could like to express to you how a suitable deal splendor, tranquility, and lust for life become awaiting them to be explored in their honeymoon haven, a ways from the madding crowd!

As for me, it turned into an enjoyment so preciously personal that I couldn’t have determined the eloquence of phrases to describe it for years had it no longer been for my husband’s regular insistence to pen down my thoughts on it. So I devote this one to none apart from my sweetheart and to the enduring love and affection that has held us tight closer to each other amidst all odds of life!

Our Honeymooning in Kerala- Exploring the Adode of Serene Beauty 1

The die-hard romantic that I was in my teenybopper university days, I had usually dreamt of a perfect date by the aspect of a pristine seaside, with the sands flirting with our toes, with the waves gushing to proclaim the beginning of a new, exciting togetherness, with silence intertwined with gentle whisperings. And trust me or not, all of it, in reality, got here properly in my lifestyle, not on my first date, but on my honeymoon, in Kovalam seaside, Kerala!! How can I ever neglect the date? It changed into a brand new sunrise for me, the 3rd of December, when we set out for our flight to Trivandrum amid a foggy early winter morning in Kolkata!

Why did we choose Kerala seashores and backwaters as our honeymoon destination:

Genuinely speaking, nearshore sites all over India have sincerely involved me due to my formative years. Moreover, because each folk had just determined upon touring a few places that might not be crowded (a pretty common standard for honeymooners!) and at the same time could be exotic enough to be remembered for an entire life, we unanimously agreed upon visiting the seashore websites of Kovalam as well as exploring the super splendor of the Alleppey backwaters. And while I have heard a few human beings say that beaches are the same anywhere, I instinctively felt that it isn’t always so in Kerala. And why not? Bound via the exclusive Arabian Sea on its western facet, with its extensive shoreline extending up to 600 kilometers, we will correctly say the tiny nation of Kerala houses some of the excellent beaches of the United States, or instead, of the world! Speaking of the beaches, I do not, in my opinion, know why the Kerala seashores have taken a backseat while Indian travelers are concerned. Most people blame the splendid popularity of the Kerala backwaters for it.

Still, in case you inquire from me, where else can you locate such mild surf and crystal clear blue waters crowned with a splendid coastline decorated by sandy beaches, rocky promontories, and coconut arms? The splendor of most of the Kerala seashores lies in the reality that each of them is exceptionally picturesque websites while being quiet and serene, less infested with the seasonal crowd. In all of the three days we spent within the Kerala seashores, including Kovalam, we just celebrated their tranquility, seclusion, and pure splendor, side sharing some of the maximum divine moments collectively, watching the small, quaint nearby fishing villages, a few old piers that amplify into the sea, lagoons, extensive lakes, and numerous freshwater rivers. At the Kovalam seashore site, we loved seeing a small village down the shoreline and the high-quality Lighthouse seaside. At the Shanmugam beach, on the other hand, we had been fortunate to revel in one of the most breathtaking sundown perspectives ever amidst the picturesque environment of a favorite hang-out of sunset watchers.

Another beautiful seashore, Thirumullavaram Beach, became a perfect morning retreat, in which we started our day searching at the swaying coconut palm timber and looking at nearby anglers who set out into the sea on the lookout for their catch! On the one hand, we were getting an increasing number awed by the unblemished beauty of all the seashores, while on the other hand, we were relishing our sheer satisfaction looking at the evaluation among the blue shades of the water and the sky! Everywhere around us, there has been a chew of paradise, which was getting greater serene with the nectar of our sweet togetherness!