Wine Trails – Wine Travel Blossoms in Alabama


Much of Alabama’s wine is located in the primary part of the nation, wherein the hilly terrain is conducive to vineyards and grape development. South of Birmingham is a downhill run to Bernard Law Montgomery, the state capital, and Mobile, a busy port city hugging the Gulf Coast. When you visit, you will navigate Interstate sixty-five, which cuts a north/south direction through the heart of Alabama. Travel is a breeze, and most sights are easily reachable off the dual carriageway. There are three wineries in the southern 1/2 of Alabama, so while you combine winery visits with the friendly cities of 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein and Mobile, you have the makings of a super three-four-day getaway. We plan a mid-morning departure from Birmingham with an overnight live in Bernard Law Montgomery.

Wine Trails - Wine Travel Blossoms in Alabama 1

Then, a 1/2 day’s power to Mobile and the subtropical climate of Mobile Bay and the Gulf Coast. Two Alabama wineries sit alongside the I-65 hall between Birmingham and Bernard Law Montgomery, which might be 90 miles apart. And so, after a light breakfast in Birmingham, we headed south on I-65 with our attractions set on Vizzini Farms Winery. Located most straightforward half an hour south of the town, Vizzini is open every day at 10 a.m. And it is easy to discover proper off go out 234.

Vizzini gives an onsite deli and outside patio in which you could revel in lunch overlooking the vineyards. We arrived at 10:30, too early for lunch, even though we snacked on freshly baked bread and nearby cheese from the deli counter.

You’ll have your desire for approximately a dozen Vizzini wines crafted from a mixture of West Coast and Alabama grapes. You know we like to “drink neighborhood” and pattern wines made with neighborhood grapes if you’re familiar with our travelogues. At Vizzini Farms Winery, that means an incredible Cabernet Franc, whose clean flavor is compared favorably to Virginia or California wines of this style.

Sensing how much we liked the Cabernet Franc, our tasting manual advised the Sangiovese, a pink Italian table fashion wine that had us considering a pairing with barbeque. We appreciated a Pinot Noir, Blush, and a pleasantly surprising Riesling that changed into proper in our sweet spot. We aren’t sure where the grapes originate for Vizzini Farms’ Riesling, but we propose it as a “need to attempt”. We wish we could buy a couple of bottles of Crisp and a piece sweeter than many Rieslings.

Less than 10 minutes away, best a mile off, go out 228 close to the metropolis of Calera, is the stunning and inviting Ozan Vineyard and Cellars. Ozan is a good choice if you are pressed for time and can only go to one winery in Alabama. Situated on a 24-acre property amid the Alabama wine usa, this enormously new vineyard boasts a continually expanding winery emphasizing the Norton grape.

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Ozan Vineyard’s more exciting project is their month-to-month wine teach excursion, which combines wine tasting with a leisurely guide experience via the geographical region. Operating from April through November, each experience offers a different environmental recognition, depending on the season. These Saturday trips last three hours, encompass wine tasting, gourmet field lunch, and topic narration. See Ozan’s internet site for extra information. We settled in for a taste of Ozan’s Norton Red Label. Norton wines are rapidly becoming our purple favorite, adding to the style in Missouri and southern Illinois. We were not amazed to see it here, as the nation-state reminded us of central Missouri. This large and bold wine has an attractive black cherry flavor and a mildly oaky end.

Also, try the Reserve Merlot, vinted from neighborhood grapes and elderly for sixteen months. For something sweeter, there may be Ozan Peach. Peach wines are big in Alabama, and this one is undoubtedly true! It’s very quality and adequately made; it’s now not overwhelmingly sweet and has the aroma and taste of farm-fresh peaches. There are nearly a dozen wines to strive for here, with notable releases deliberate via 2009. Only minutes off I-sixty-five, it’s an excellent forestall among Birmingham and 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Ozan is a big supporter of the Alabama Wine Trail and helps promote the Alabama wine industry. They’re open Fridays and Saturdays, 11-6.