iYogi Tech Support Review


I am not a computer geek, and this review is intended for people like me. Many technical support review examples on the web can make you learn, but most will not go deeper than explaining through examples. I recently had to ask for technical support from iYogi for my PC, and my experience wasn’t that bad. I give massive credit to the technician who provided it to me.

Reviewing my experience with iYogi technical support might be worthwhile, too. Their support options can be pretty affordable. Their professional support “list price” is $ 169.99 for one year of remote tech support.

iYogi Tech Support Review 1

My experience doesn’t necessarily represent the support you will get, but you will get an idea of how it works. All I can do is educate people about the type of support you will get.

Without any notice, I had this weird freezing of my computer. I was almost in the middle of meaningful work, and suddenly, my computer crashed. I called iYogi for help a few days back; I went through their website and found it decent to ask for help from another technical service provider (I don’t want to take the name, though). The technician was pretty helpful and supportive, too.

Tech support has always been a huge burden for most companies. But all you have to do is browse the net for tech support newsgroups. iYogi has many of them, and you can quickly realize that most customers don’t know how to answer their questions. The mixture of different computers and other things confuses any sharp and talented technician and makes it impossible for them to resolve it.

Communication with the customers has to be supportive, which you get from iYogi. Technicians usually get carried away with their troubleshooting and sometimes cut off the customers when they speak or neglect their opinion because a user or customer only knows what it’s about. Aside from this, an employee or technician should always be courteous and well-mannered towards many customers because that’s their area. They should also make the customers understand the troubleshooting so that the user gets familiar with it.

A good tech support person has a lot of knowledge and training, and it’s a valuable asset to ask for a good salary.iYogi does a lot to protect that talent and provide the essential and high-quality tech support some people need. To respond to this, iYogi is taking advantage of the fact that many iYogi people are ready ,willing, and able to help the users. Some of them are the nicely paid tech support people with whom you might talk on the phone, Soul Crazy.