The State of the World Address


The international is still in turmoil with strife in various corners and is in no better role than it turned into since I spoke to your ultimate. The most effective distinction is within the vocabulary and locales of the troubles. I’m sad to mention that there has been no meaningful progress. Nor do I assume any inside the close to destiny. Peace and quietness is a dream as remote as it has been for this kind of century.

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The financial front seems bleak, with the economies of most countries showing either a downward fashion or pleasant stagnation. The simplest godless u. S. Displays a few booms, mainly due to the beyond policies of one of my favored countries. Every day, thousands of human beings lose their jobs, and many lose their homes. I am afraid I don’t see any adjustments inside the foreseeable destiny.

The climate is worsening with global warming, but it is not my making and all because of the excessive consumption of hydrocarbons through humanity. The scenario appears to be past financial restoration and is too past due even for any proactive intervention by using me. Humans who can restore it are squabbling and no longer displaying favorable reactions. Further, eaten up by greed, they are killing many species of my advent, and I’m standing like a mute, helpless witness. What is most disturbing is the social front. Here, man has been exceeding his brief and impeding my paintings. First, he made condoms, douches, and IUDs and later invented the tablet, all to forestall the procreation technique; that is my great area. Several international locations have legalized abortion. Some totalitarian countries prescribed a one-toddler norm and mercilessly killed the toddlers of mother and father, no longer adhering to this rule. The man has now invented the morning-after pill, making my process nearly impossible. If this fashion continues, I’ll discover it hard to hold the world men and women. Several Western nations are already suffering due to a harmful increase in population and importing employees to keep their economic systems growing. In the good buy, they also import cultural and political issues and rue their actions later. Women in a few nations, locating their guys without romance and inadequacy, are asking virile guys from different countries to visit them and satisfy their needs.