The State of the World Address


The international is still in turmoil with strife in various corners and is in no better role than it turned into since I spoke to your ultimate. The most effective distinction is within the nomenclature and locales of the troubles. I’m sad to mention there has been no meaningful progress in this regard. Nor do I assume any inside the close to destiny. Peace and quietness is a dream as remote as it has been for this kind of centuries.

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The financial front seems bleak with the economies of maximum countries showing either a downward fashion or at pleasant stagnation. The simplest godless u. S. Is displaying a few booms, especially due to the beyond policies of considered one of my favored countries. Every day thousands and thousands of human beings lose their jobs and many lose their homes. I am afraid I don’t see any adjustments inside the foreseeable destiny.

The climate is getting worse with global warming, but it is not my making and all because of the excessive consumptions of hydrocarbons through mankind itself. The scenario appears past financial restore, and it’s far too past due even for any proactive intervention by using me. Humans, who can restore it, are, alternatively, squabbling and no longer displaying advantageous reaction. Further, ate up by greed, they are killing many species of my advent, and I’m standing like a mute, helpless witness.

What is maximum disturbing is the social the front. Here, man has been exceeding his brief and impeding my paintings. First, he made condoms, douches, and IUDs and later invented the tablet, all to forestall the technique of procreation, that is my extraordinary area. Several international locations have legalized abortion. Some totalitarian countries prescribed a one-toddler norm and mercilessly killed the toddlers of mother and father no longer adhering to this rule. The man has now invented the morning- after pill and rendered my process nearly impossible. If this fashion continues, I’ll discover it hard to hold the world manned and womanned. Several western nations are already suffering due to a negative increase of population and importing employees to keep their economic system growing. In the good buy, they are also importing cultural and political issues and ruing their actions later. Women in a few nations, locating their guys without romance and inadequate, are asking virile guys from different countries to visit them and satisfy their needs.

As if this isn’t horrific sufficient, man has cracked my mystery, the genetic code, which he calls it DNA. With this discovery, he has commenced cloning animals, and the day when he starts to clone humans isn’t a ways off. I recognize man is now tampering with the DNA by using genetic engineering. He has already produced hybrid greens and high-yielding plants. He is now poised to produce human beings with notable abilities or high stages of IQ. He has encroached into my domain some distance an excessive amount of for far too lengthy. I am locating it hard to permit these items to pass freely without permit or hindrance.

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Worse, man has now succeeded in preventing the technique of growing old. With a country of the art plastic surgical procedure and hormone remedy, he modified human beings of put up- menopause age altogether. For them, age is now a mere variety and inappropriate and immaterial. For guys properly past their prime, he has delivered the bio-dicks and Viagra pills. If a woman friend is to be believed, the guy has started marketing a new pill Niagara Viagra. It appears an unmarried dose of just one tablet of this miracle drug keeps a man perfectly purposeful for five years. It’s a welcome degree actually, for a better love lifestyle among couples might have a high quality effect of much less strife in each circle of relatives and the entire world. It is, however, towards the essential ideas of our universe and has a downside to it. With newfound libido, a few antique men are chasing young ladies. Promiscuity, already on the upward thrust, has skyrocketed recently, and the divorce rate has been hovering excessive, rending the social cloth.

Women, not willing to concede defeat, have invented new strategies to regain their misplaced kids. With liposuction, a tuck here and a nip there, implants anywhere necessary, stretching of the skin and different methods, they have narrowed the space between the old and young. It’s now impossible to tell a girl’s age and her marital fame, as they are getting diverse jobs completed on one of a kind components of their anatomy at low-cost prices. I apprehend fashion designer vaginas have become not unusual now, and some enterprising and wealthy ladies are becoming their hymen reconstructed. Women in their forties, mothers of a child or becoming virgins with their maidenhood intact are past the imagination of the first-class of angels on my personal.

The only top information, in this the front, is, women who are not capable of conceive or beget youngsters, for some motive or other, are producing wholesome infants via the IVF technique. Women without a uterine or faulty uterus are locating surrogate mothers in 1/3-international nations to have their babies. They have gone one step further, and for folks who cannot ovulate, numerous young girls from 1/3-world countries are presenting their precious eggs, for a attention, of route.

This is supporting my motive in a marginal manner. But it’s far equally provoking as women looking for babies with honest skin are creating a beeline to countries with women of white skin, blond hair and blue eyes inclined to promote their eggs. If unchecked, this process will exchange the ethnic shape. I am satisfied with the kingdom numerous governments are operating with me to arrest this trend.

With most of these advances in technology, men and women are becoming more youthful and extra promiscuous and throwing the Ten Commandments, especially adultery into the nearest trash can. It may be argued that my buddy who formulated them on Mt Sinai could not understand the way the arena would progress within the subsequent twenty millenniums. While the guys kept the girls below manipulate from straying, the contemporary women are demanding a special gizmo to check men from showing their oats outdoor the marital bed. Of late, their needs have ended up strident. I’m happy to record one in every one of my angels succeeded in persuading one earthling, Ramarao, to find a solution. He has designed a device known as Male Chastity Belt.

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It was certainly a frightening task to design one, for man is a complicated gadget and the instrument need to serve its cause without impeding his other features. My friend, Ramarao, being an innovative fellow, produced a great device and the trials performed thus far were tremendously a success. Pending approval of the patent, he has started out the manufacturing of the object on a massive scale. He has confidence us the object is predicted to hit the market in a couple of days. This new tool will make sure that each guy sleeps with his legally wedded spouse, who alone will have the key to it, and prevents ogling and coveting different women. It is hoped, with good sized use of this machine, there could be much less greed and much less strife inside the universe. The international might be a better area to live.