Student Motivation: What Is Wrong With Education!


Working as an educator for over 30 years, as a trainer, counselor, and college psychologist, my first-rate interest has constantly been student motivation. I have worked with students from pre-kindergarten to twelfth-grade degrees in school systems in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. I have been in the inner town, poverty- and prosperous districts. I have even seen students with considerable social-financial disadvantages succeed and those with “the whole thing” going for them fail.

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I fit into the primary class. My parents divorced after I was two years old, my mother became a waitress who by no means finished High School, and my stepfather, who raised me (after age 7), went to High School in no way. My older brother quit school in the tenth grade. No one in my family attended college, so I had a tiny circle of relatives to pursue any instructional desires. I kept this in mind as a child, and my stepfather told me to get “C’s” in the faculty. “C’s are good,” he would say, perhaps because he in no way even accomplished that after he became in college. Of path, this became once I repeated the primary grade, so he changed into trying to get me to do better on time. I muddled through standard faculty and no longer agreed that I started to get any career hobbies until middle school. There, I started out taking a hobby in technology. It became an exciting time in science and generation due to the ’60s with the moon touchdown and Star Trek on TV.

Jacques Cousteau was exploring the ocean, and I became caught up.

However, I still had no clue what it would take to do something in my lifestyle. Fortunately, High School sports activities modified that. I had a freshman soccer train that didn’t accept excuses, and regularly, it began to sink in that if you were to get anywhere in life, you had to apply attempt. I also realized that if different youngsters could visit the college and have a promising career, why couldn’t I? I was as top as them. I started making use an effort in my academics and went to a 4-year university after high college, pursuing my hobby in technological know-how.