9 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Outdoor Privacy Screens for Your Deck


The outdoor deck in your home serves many purposes. For one, it can be the perfect place to host parties where your guests can comfortably sit down and talk amongst each other. It can also act as a private nook where you can freely lounge under the sun.

This is the reason why many homeowners make it a point to decorate their decks and transform them into an eye-catching feature in their houses. And what better way to highlight your outdoor spaces than using bamboo privacy screens?

9 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Outdoor Privacy Screens for Your Deck 1

As a natural grass, you might be surprised that bamboo is far stronger than wood and much better for the environment. And while not the first choice of many people when it comes to decorating their outdoor spaces, these 9 reasons to choose bamboo outdoor privacy screens for your deck would prove to you otherwise that this sustainable building material is worthy of consideration.

9 Advantages of Using Bamboo Outdoor Privacy Screens for Your Deck

Bamboo is Durable

Bamboo is made of a strong and natural fiber that is far more superior to other hardwoods. In fact, it is not only stronger than timber, but it’s more complicated than steel. This is because bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel, which means it does not easily break under great tension.

Furthermore, unlike other types of wood, bamboo can naturally resist bacteria, fungus, termites, and other insects. As such, it can function properly without the need for herbicides and pesticides that are often poisonous.

Overall, with these qualities in mind, choosing bamboo outdoor privacy screens for your deck is a wise decision as they can last for a long time—up to around 15-30 years.

Bamboo is Lightweight

Despite being so durable, bamboo is still surprisingly light and elastic. This is all thanks to its circular and hollow form, making it easy to handle, transport, and build. Each of these walls then maintains the strength and allows bending to prevent rupture.

As such, bamboo offers superior earthquake resistance compared to other rigid structures such as concrete and steel. Overall, it’s a construction material you should definitely consider for your decking, especially if your home sits at an active tectonic plate or near the shore (where strong winds persist).

Bamboo is Environment-Friendly

When using bamboo outdoor privacy screens for your deck, not only are you taking advantage of its immense durability, but you are also supporting the battle for climate change.

As bamboo is non-polluting, you are not causing any additional contamination in landfills and further problems in waste management when you use it. Ultimately, you are also minimizing your carbon footprint and helping the planet with the use of bamboo screens.

Did You Know? Bamboo reduces pollution by producing 35% more oxygen than other kinds of timber.

Bamboo is Sustainable

Aside from being environment-friendly, bamboo outdoor privacy screens are also sustainable. For one, it can grow as fast as 1 to 5 years compared to hardwood’s period of 40 to 60 years. This means it effectively uses air, sunlight, and water to grow into a useful building material.

Bamboo also regrows on its own, which results in zero environmental disturbance as there’s no need to replant it. Furthermore, bamboo can be repurposed for functions other than privacy screens for your deck. It can be recycled as a bed frame, chair, table, lighting fixtures, and more.

Bamboo Provides Versatility

For most people, the reason why they’re probably not that enticed to use bamboo for their decks is its look. They may think it wouldn’t fit the modern or rustic theme that their outdoor living spaces have.

That is really not the bamboo case, though. It comes in a range of hues and tones, which means various looks and styles to use. As such, it can perfectly complement any outdoor setting in your home while still providing a distinct aesthetic look. So whether you want an ultra-modern design or a vintage feel, you can’t go wrong with bamboo outdoor privacy screens for your deck.

Tip: Thanks to its versatility, you can also use bamboo as flooring, furniture, room divider, shading, and even wall cladding.

Bamboo Has a Unique Look

Bamboo, when used in your decking, can offer a unique look to your property. Its natural texture also provides a distinct mood that is perfect for casual gatherings or private times with yourself.

And with over a thousand species in the world, you’ll indeed find one that would definitely transform your outdoor space. Be it country-like, industrial, minimalistic, rustic, sleek, or traditional.

Bamboo Offers Privacy

Bamboo, with its refreshing aesthetic, is not only about the looks, though. In fact, it provides tons of functional benefits, from insulation to sound enhancement. But, perhaps, the most commonly used purpose of bamboo in homes is for privacy.

Thanks to bamboo’s open-slatted design, it can effectively block neighbors’ eyes while still allowing light to shine through. This ultimately allows you to build a private deck that’s not entirely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Bamboo Requires Little to No Maintenance

As a natural construction material, it’s easy to think that bamboo would require much of your time because of regular maintenance and treatments. However, the opposite is actually true.

In contrast to other kinds of timber, bamboo’s natural surface doesn’t need painting, polishing, or scraping. It already comes in a clean, smooth texture and vibrant color.

Did You Know? Bamboo requires a minimal amount of water. In fact, too much can be bad for the plant.

Bamboo is Cost-Effective

Unlike other building materials for outdoor privacy screens, bamboo is relatively cheaper to build due to the crop’s availability and lightweight properties (which allows easy transportation and overall faster construction).

Bamboo’s durability and unique look also allow you to save in the long term because you don’t need to spend a large sum of money for constant maintenance and costly renovations.

Bamboo is a construction material you should consider when choosing outdoor privacy screens for your deck. It is a cost-effective, durable, lightweight, yet still, highly stylish option that can transform your outdoor living spaces.

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