Four Free Blogging Platforms Battle it Out – Who’s Best?


While blogging may be a rewarding way to earn money for some, for many of us, it is inexpensive and, with any luck soaking up interest. While experienced bloggers can also want to invest in some professional web hosting, getting began with an unfastened website is sufficient for many of us. Indeed, many writers out there endorse that paid hosting is not even essential for your weblog to be an achievement.

Four Free Blogging Platforms Battle it Out - Who's Best? 1

A simple idea experiment may affirm this for you. For a second, it is vital not to suppose as a blogger or a host, but as an ordinary net user, a regular blog reader – mainly, the sort of reader you’re seeking out to visit your blog. Suppose, as an instance, and you are considering beginning a blog all approximately traditional automobiles. A classic car fanatic turns on their laptop and perhaps goes to Google and brands in some search phrases. There are likely to be many, many blogs; after clicking on some hyperlinks, our visitor will examine some of them and, if inspired, will enroll in them, bookmark them, or leave a remark. At no point did the weblog tourist use whether you had a professional-looking “dot com” URL or whether or not you were the usage of today’s WordPress plugins as a thing to pick out your website online over every other. All they were interested in changed into whether your weblog brought the content they had been curious about. There is a success, loose sites available. Can you probably make a fulfillment on any platform?

For this text, the writer started with a blog on Posterous – a private favored, but with a beneficial function that could help take a look at. By allowing autopost on a Posterous blog, the put up can robotically be reposted to multiple weblog websites; in this manner, after including the opposite systems – WordPress.Com, Tumblr, and Blogger – four unfastened blogs with the equal underlying content could be quickly created. The benefit of the Posterous blog is easy setup and posting via electronic mail. Posterous websites are clean and easy, with few bells and whistles. In a similar vein to Posterous, websites on Tumblr.Com permit multimedia posting with the rush of a button and help to post by email. Like Posterous, Tumblr additionally targets clean setup and easy customization with topics. However, Tumblr aggressively pushes integration with social media websites; in fact, Tumblr considers the “tumblelog” as social media in its own proper, to be shared, reposted, and favorited within the Tumblr network.