Everything You Wanted to Know About E-Book Readers


e-Book readers had been around for many years, in fact, electronic paper becomes first advanced at Xerox PARC within the Nineteen Seventies. Recent advances in e-ink era have made practical lightweight gadgets with excessive evaluation, reflective shows, and lengthy battery lives. Reflective presentations are like paper, they rely on a light source like the sun or a mild bulb, to make the e-ink visible. On the alternative hand, transmissive shows like LCD video display units and pc presentations use backlights to mild up the pixels so it’s viable to study them in nearly any mild situation, brilliant or dark. Backlit presentations can drain batteries a great deal quicker than E-ink displays that use only a trickle of strength while the show isn’t always changing permitting them to run for a completely long time, like days, between charges. Color e-ink presentations have been sluggish in coming, however, prototypes had been visible in labs, however, no person appears to be willing to say how quickly they will seem in e-Book readers.

Most e-readers are made with electrophoretic “movie,” that use tiny “pigment chips” inside microcapsules which are pressured to move between the front of the display (white dot) and the lower back (darkish dot). E Ink Corporation of Cambridge, Mass, based in 1997 offers the movie for maximum popular readers which includes the Kindle, Sony Reader, IREX readers, and the impending reader from Plastic Logic.

Plastic Logic is a British organization that makes readers with E Ink’s Vizplex, 2d technology movie that gives quicker switching speed, stepped forward reflectance and extra stages of gray. Plastic Logic uses a plastic backplane instead of a tumbler backplane. Glass backplane displays are easier to make however plastic gives numerous benefits consisting of durability. Plastic Logic says plastic backplanes allow them to increase the dimensions of the displays with out adding weight. Plastic Logic might be offering the brand new eight. Five x eleven-inch touchscreen “QUE proReader,” in partnership with Barnes and Noble early subsequent yr.

Amazon re-invigorated the e-Book class with the discharge of the Kindle in 2007. It became praised for its length and weight although it generated some criticisms for a few ergonomic issues particularly it changed into too clean to by accident develop a web page. Free 3G connectivity and a massive library of right away reachable books made the first Kindle a massive fulfillment.

In 2008 Amazon addressed the proceedings of the original Kindle in the Kindle 2 that supplied improved ergonomics and an advanced display the usage of E Inks Vizplex film that offers a 16 level grayscale show. In the summer time of 2009, they released a bigger screen Kindle DX, a nine.7 inch (diagonal) display selling for $489 and dropped the rate of the 6 inch Kindle 2 to $259. Recently Amazon introduced an international model of the Kindle that’s priced at $279 and could paintings in over a hundred international locations.

Sony Readers Come in Sizes and Colors

Sony’s early readers pre-dated the Kindle. With no wi-fi connectivity and restrained and steeply-priced books, it in no way actually took off. Sony got here roaring back with the Sony Reader PRS-505 in 2008 and most these days the Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-three hundred) which has a 5 inch display, eight level grayscale, and expenses $199 and the Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600) has a 6 inch touchscreen 8 stage grayscale display and retails for $299. The Daily Edition (PRS-900BC) has a 7 inch touchsrceen sixteen-degree grayscale display and 3G connectivity which the Pocket and Touch Editions lack. The Daily Edition can be to be had in December for $399. Sony lately switched from a proprietary e-Book layout to the open format ePub.

Barnes & Noble has an ebook save with a few features that differentiate it from Amazon. For one thing, you can “lend” a book you very own to a pal the use of their LendMe era that lets in you to “lend” one among your e-Books to someone for 14 days.

The Barnes & Noble “Nook,” has a 6 inch sixteen stage grayscale e-ink show and a small 3.5 inch touchsrceen LCD that sits beneath the e-ink display. The Nook runs beneath the Android operating gadget, however, alas no plans to open up the device to 1/3 party builders. Like Amazon’s Kindle it includes unfastened 3G wireless connectivity and WiFi and not like the Kindle 2 it helps PDFs.

The frequently announced but so far, unreleased QUEreader Pro has a plastic backplane and big 8.5 x eleven inch E Ink display. The QUEreader Pro will guide open codecs like PDF and ePub. The reader includes WiFi and AT&T’s 3G community and the QUE save, powered via Barnes & Noble, will provide a huge collection of books and other analyzing cloth.

Spring Design lately unveiled an e-Book reader known as “Alex,” that looks tremendously just like Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Spring Designs declare they have a patent on the dual-display screen idea which makes us wonder how the Nook is getting away with the usage of it. Like the Nook it is an Android-based totally e-Book reader with twin screens and WiFi and 3G connectivity. Here’s a video demo:

Apparently, it is able to now not be a twist of fate the Nook resembles Spring Design’s alex. This week Spring Design filed suit this week in opposition to Barnes & Noble, accusing them of “misappropriating,” alternate secrets. Spring Design claims Barnes & Noble may additionally have “borrowed,” their layout once they showed it to them beneath non-disclosure.

The New York-primarily based ECTACO acknowledged for his or her translators has entered the e-Book market with the jetBook-Lite. ECTACO sells the reader on their site for $179 but we pay attention it will available for as low as $149. It users four AA batteries that provide 23 hours of continuous use. It works with the Barnes & Noble eBook save and helps many record codecs along with PDF. One downside is the shortage of wireless connectivity.

Look for a declaration from ASUS earlier than the give up of the 12 months of a dual display, touch-enabled e-Book reader. Word is it would appear just like the prototype pictured above and provide a 6 inch or 9-inch screen probably in color.

This new e-Book reader comes out of Taiwan from a collaboration among Netronix a community and multimedia product manufacturer and Astak also known as Team Research, a supplier of reminiscence and other electronics products. Netronix makes numerous Linux-based totally e-Book readers. The Mentor is a 6-inch reader with an SD card reader that reads PDFs and other report codecs. It has an integrated Soduko recreation too! You should buy it on their site for $289.

IREX Technologies is a Dutch company that has been growing e-Readers due to the fact that 2001. They built the Sony Librie which changed into launched in 2004. They currently introduced the IREX DR 800SG a wireless e-Book reader with worldwide 3G. IREX claims this reader has the fastest web page refresh. It helps the Barnes & Noble eBook Store and other structures and codecs like PDF and ePub. It will fee $399 whilst is going on sale at Best Buy.