Hosting a Contest to Attract Facebook Friends


There is nothing like having a Facebook web page with a healthful fan following when it involves advertising and marketing and online advertising and marketing. Many Facebook fanatics will make your organization appear trusted; that is a fantastic way to attract more extraordinary customers. And who doesn’t love to do business with a relied-on corporation?

How do you start attracting lovers while you’re a newcomer to your particular niche? Being friended via your mother, sister, and excellent high school pal may be a pleasing way to live in touch, but it may not do much to build marketplace credibility (sorry, Mom).

Facebook advertising and marketing have advanced into a sub-genre of organic, Web 2.0 online advertising and marketing; it has its unique rules and techniques. Hosting a contest is one of the best approaches to attracting Facebook enthusiasts.

Some pretty big gamers inside the patron zone have used the competition technique to draw more pals. And why wouldn’t they? Most humans will throw their names within the hat if free stuff is at stake and the dangers are minimal or non-existent.

1. Determine which kind of content you want to run

There are four varieties of contests you may run on your Facebook page: Sweepstakes, essays, photographs, and videos. Keep in mind that video, picture, and essay contests require more paintings from your contestants. Those conflicts may be the way to head if you aim to promote personal interactivity. If you need to accumulate fundamental data to make it smooth for your newly discovered friends, you probably need to use the sweepstakes contest.

2. Get to realize the rules

As tempting as it may appear, you can not use the Facebook “Like” button to allow your readers to enter your contest. Since the entire purpose of promoting competition is to accumulate Facebook pals, the “Like” button might look like a sure-fire manner to perform your aim. Facebook says this is a first-rate no-no!

Another stipulation is that you must notify your winners before publishing their names (on Facebook or everywhere else). You can try this through e-mail, snail, or non-public FB messages.

And the granddaddy of all Facebook contest regulations: you need to be in a country where Facebook isn’t always sponsoring your contest in any manner. Facebook will offer you a conversation medium. However, they do not need to take on the liability of your merchandising. I can’t blame them, honestly.

3. There’s an app for that…

Facebook calls for customers to run their contests through 0.33-birthday celebration apps. Plenty of those apps are in the market, a few reasonably priced or unfastened, others… No longer so much. If you’re seeking a loose app, consider that you will need an app that is customizable, embeddable, and has mobile capabilities. Beware, free apps might not provide all (or any) of those capabilities. The attempted and authentic rule of consumerism certainly applies to Facebook contest packages: you get what you pay for.

Hosting a Contest to Attract Facebook Friends 1

4. What’s in it for your readers?

Don’t cross reasonably priced. Don’t give away junk. This recommendation might not even seem worth citing, but many a contest marketing campaign has flopped because the promoter failed to align with stock and sales. If your enterprise designs Websites, do one at no cost. If you sell cameras, shell out the wholesale fee for a Nikon D40 and provide it away. If your objective is to gain more traffic through Facebook pals, consider your prize as part of your advertising finances. Also, if you don’t pique your reader’s hobby with a good giveaway, you might not attract any pals. Your campaign can be a complete waste of time and energy.