6 Blogging Tools to Generate Non Stop Traffic


#1 – Feedburner – Listen, if you want your weblog to be examined only then, you do not use this tool. Feedburner is an RSS feed publishing tool that permits search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other websites to realize that you are up to date with your weblog or website.

6 Blogging Tools to Generate Non Stop Traffic 1

It allows you to ping and tag so that different bloggers and subscribers can recognize when you are updated with your blog. Feedburner monitors your subscribers and additional trackings like what clicks, where they are coming from, and many others.

Feedburner provides widgets for your blog; this is critical because these widgets allow bloggers and site visitors to bookmark your website online, ship it to someone else, and join your feed; it makes your weblog more functional rather than just a submit.

#2 – MyBlogLog – If you aren’t using MyBlogLog in your weblog or website yet, I advise hopping on it now. It’s just like the “MySpace for blogs.”... It’s a network-orientated website that lets you hold up with your weblog readers and their blogs and websites, too.

It specializes in similar content material, so what you’re interested in may be different humans interested in that, too, and it allows you to hyperlink up and join. Also, you can look at their network with other websites you may be interested in; it is sincerely an advertising device to apply on your weblog or internet site. Also, it is a complete internet site/blog tracker. You get updated stats on who visits your blog, how many readers, which links they click, what pages they visit most, etc. You can also get a MyBlogLog widget code and add it to your blog or website to show your current readers and get humans to join your community. It has a viral impact like MySpace; the extra contacts you’ve got, the different groups you be a part of, the more publicity you may get due to the fact your website or blog will become part of other customers’ communities and contacts, and that is an extraordinary viral impact because it takes place once you get it going, then it brings to the air.