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Well, being an e-book ghostwriter has its American downs. But often, being an Internet-based book ghostwriter has unique permutations and perambulations. It may be a type of dream, basing your complete ebook ghostwriting enterprise at the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet, that’s currently based in Switzerland midway the world over from in which I am, inside the Pacific Northwest United States. Soon, I apprehend, we can need to start picking up at the Internet (or whatever it will likely be referred to as) coming from a great deal towards us, in Japan. We are on the West Coast of us, so Japan’s Internet or WWW could be a good deal in the direction of us if I’m no longer unluckily wrong.

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I accept as true with once they have their network up and running, it would be doing the right factor for me to buy both a Toshiba or an Apple (our nearby Pacific NW agency, based in Seattle and our Silicon Valley) MacBook or Macintosh notebook of some type. I pick running with notebook computers, now not handhelds. I’m in my 50s and the use of tiny little machines isn’t my style. Like James Michener, who used a manual typewriter to paintings on all of his books, up till his 90s, I favor using anything I can deal with. But in contrast to him, I can use handhelds and clever cell phones for positive duties. Just not to compose or edit ebook manuscripts or writing and modifying tasks. I far pick the usage of a laptop, and I nevertheless have a latest Hewlett Packard I will likely maintain on the use of, in addition to my HP pocketbook, up until when I move beforehand and purchase a brand new Toshiba or Apple, or potentially a Dell or other American primarily based machine.

When I name myself “e-book ghostwriter on Google,” I am regarding my set, which presently includes amassing up back-links and social network listings and links lower back to my predominant commercial enterprise internet site – which I now have numerous thousand back-links coming from associated sites pointing to it, inclusive of the ones on China’s big search engine, Baidu. I am listed first (in English, no longer always in Chinese) below book ghostwriter and ebook ghost creator. I find that exceptional but have now not gotten masses of commercial enterprise from the English talking writers and users of China, or whoever it is who uses Baidu. Not but.

I am very on the pinnacle of some search keywords on MSN and Yahoo, and I used to have dozens of extremely good #1 to #3 standings on Google below scads and scads of key phrases. But given that I streamlined things and made several website revisions, inclusive of hiring someone to take over and paintings on and construct our new website, and some rebranding troubles, and not walking the whole thing myself… I misplaced a lot of my standings on Google. The Penguin Panda updates revised the entirety, and I lost a maximum of my keyword standings, which I am slowly reassembling over time. Since I am nearing retirement age, it’s far absolutely as much like me to determine whether or not or now not to struggle tough sufficient to regain my keywords list, and be up excessive sufficient (first web page consequences, #1 to #5 and no in addition down the lists) to rate sufficient customers coming in to keep my commercial enterprise.

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All in all, my social community contacts, other strategies of finding commercial enterprise including word of mouth circulating from previous clients and social networks again, and many others. Are supporting me away more than mere search engine listings, even those on Google, the primary search engine at the face of the planet. Well, Baidu will expect more significance over the years, as the Japanese Internet (something it will likely be known as) assumes extra prominence. Whether or not it’s going to take over from the European Internet-based totally in Switzerland, I do not understand.

Nobody is aware of approximately this in-depth simply but. I am questioning, it will be wiser for me right here in Washington State to jump at the Japanese Net as quickly because it becomes important for me to accomplish that. I use Comcast cable offerings in which I live, and at work too, and it is a superb, working comfortable carrier with appropriate uptime. I use a good enough anti-virus, or even Neo-Nazis haven’t been able to sluggish me down. I haven’t any troubles with interruptions in the carrier, by any means. Every such problem, including an occasional virus, Trojan or heuristics issues, I have the wanted device to tackle, I even have the entirety subsidized up, and many others. I use flash drives, external drives, the Internet unfastened backup offerings, extra copies of all my paintings… The opportunities for safety are countless. I have 3 special firewalls jogging on my fundamental machines. More safety than Fort Knox, the Mafia, Russia, whoever hasn’t been capable of crack my equipment.

So… I’m nevertheless a book ghostwriter on Google. Back while my business became jogging properly, my website had a topmost net well worth of $50,000+ USD. It steadily, because of the Google Penguin Panda stuff problems and refiguring, went right down to $35,000. And due to my streamlining things and recreating my website schemas, it sooner or later dropped down all of the ways to the simplest $five,000 or less in worth. Over time, because of my coming back as much as snuff, using the phrase of mouth, website revisions, linking revisions, and social community techniques involving more listings and getting my own books published and out, after years of now not having any of my own posted books available… Our predominant enterprise internet site is now as much as a cost of $10,000 for the URL on my own.

Strategically, that makes more feel that it has been worth even $35,000 before. The internet site is slowly going out of date on the Internet as a first-rate enterprise technique, being changed with the aid of social networks and commercial enterprise websites that listing your commercial enterprise in place of you desiring to run an internet site or websites. I used to have a dozen connected websites; now I best have three. Two of them are my essential business websites, one a regular WordPress website and the opposite a blog site on WordPress as properly. I omit having overall manipulated, however, it’s miles operating for me and the business. Which includes sending e-book and different ghostwriting and editing work out to diverse people on my list. I commenced in 2003 as a simple e-book ghostwriter on Google, and I branched out from there to over 5,000 humans I can now contact and supply work assignments to, who pay me 15% out of whatever they make. I’m no millionaire but am presently creating a comfortable living.

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I’m Karen S. Cole, a bestselling book ghostwriter on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Baidu and plenty of different search engines like google and yahoo, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (I even have one of the biggest business networks there, within the pinnacle 5% when it comes to standard size, almost nine,000 valid enterprise network contacts). My Facebook crowd is large, so is my Google+ network, and my Twitter community is over 27,000 human beings sturdy. I also have principal social community presence happening approximately a dozen of the alternative predominant networks, which includes Pinterest, Tumblr, AboutMe, Wattpad, Stage32, Yelp, Google Blogger (a dozen useful, lively blogs) and plenty of greater.