Another Kind Of A Fairy Tale Love Story


“The sweetness of doing nothing & cuddling only the one you fancy all your lifestyles! Oh, wouldn’t that be so excellent and fun?” an unusual speaking monkey asks a Princess of the land. “Of direction it certain could and now not simplest that, it would definitely make you sense so exact and comfy as nicely, hmm”, with a sweet smile of reply and along with her very delicate swish glance, she stretches out her proper arm and tenderly caresses the monkey’s proper ear with her gentle arms, which gives tingling sensation to his senses. “Mmmm”, a low susceptible sigh of relief and cozy sound given back to her. A nonviolent smile wrote all over his face even as eyes are mischievously looking her every action. An animal instinct from craving of the meals he fancy but had left himself starving and thirsty in this Lost Island of Nowhere. He awakened in the future in a dessert and as he walks to find his manner, he ran vigorously whilst the notion he heard a sea wave from the south. He headed directly to it, together with his left eye now so blurry and could not see absolutely the beauty of this blue ocean. Though his right eye became taking pictures with ache due to his surprising fall from the sky, as he remembered, he took off from the jet as instructed, however now his right eye changed into totally blind, but he nevertheless controlled to run speedily to attain the sea. But as he approached the open sea, the water becomes so clean that he started out to dip his barefoot on it, however, turned into surprised at what he saw. He saw his mirrored image. He is a monkey.

“It labored the experiment, sincerely labored!” His mind cheers with him splendidly. He simply desired to relax and calm himself. He sat down with the aid of the shore, he closed his eyes and now slowly, the headache and pain on his right eye steadily vanished. The nerve endings surrounding his proper eyes receive blood deliver this is now continuously flowing through his veins. His heart which beat so speedy turns into calm. He then controlled to open his eyes and he can now recognize the splendor of the blue water in the front of him. He got up and then began to approach the ocean to splash in, but it stopped him when he observed a female suffering to rise up. She is the Princess of this Lost Island of Nowhere. Every day, she comes to the ocean to swim but she can’t swim. She does only to offer herself the leisure of dreaming that at some point she will meet her king and taken her out far from this island that had left her captive for several years now. The odd human beings in this island kept her here due to the fact they want her beauty to polish on them. The human beings on this island provide her all her desires except that she cannot leave, she has to live. She knew in the back of her thoughts that she does not belong there. Although she receives all the luxurious she will ask for, she knew in her coronary heart that she misses something. She just can not figure it out yet what it’s miles that despite the fact that she can’t swim she keeps coming to this ocean and constantly searching far. She believes in her heart that there is any other world past that blue ocean.

He knew that if he’ll technique the female and assist her rise up safely at the shore, how could he, he’s a monkey. “I might scare her off!” his thoughts argues to himself. But he appeared round and all and sundry is busy, no one notices the princess. He bravely approached her and whilst the princess shouted for help, his hand becomes geared up to trap her and taken her at the shore. The princess has to have hurt herself so bad that all she ought to consider is to have herself on the shore and did no longer even note that a monkey had helped her.

He assisted her to sit down and simply watched her. He observed how lovely she changed into and has wanted her for himself.:”But now not on this international, I am a monkey” he murmured to himself. The princess looked up and he or she changed into surprised that a monkey helped her. But she was now not scared in any respect. She discovered this monkey harmless. He got white fur and smart deep brown eyes which can be now locked so curious staring on her shapely body. Her cotton blouse now soaked and moist baring her horny hips and complete rounded breasts.

She located him very funny and adorable. There is no dull moment while she is with him. She learns to swim due to him. She can’t believe that every time the monkey started out to splash at the water, he swims like a frog. He jumps, he can move deep down the water without fear of drowning. She enjoys the corporation of this exquisite animal. Where he came from, truly she had no concept. She simply thought that perhaps he’s lost too, like herself. She wakened someday and right here she determined herself she is the Princess of this Lost Island of Nowhere. But spending the time to this monkey lets her now not bother herself to ask why she is right here in this island in the meanwhile. All she will be able to think of now could be to spend a great time with her new pal. “I am now not worried in any respect anyways this monkey talks, and he is sensible, I kinda like his organization, he by no means bore me”, she idea deeply on this but alternatively she had this desire that at some point she could be out from this Lost Island of Nowhere.

In every other universe, there lives a suitable Queen. She is known as a mom, a sister, a chum and they all name her because the Queen of All the Cookies That Is. One Thanksgiving night she accrued all her children and all the humans. Everybody has all their amusing and devour their coronary heart out celebrating this valuable moment with their kind and loving Queen.

When the party turned into over the Queen went up to her wonderful tower. She went directly to her cozy and tender mattress to sleep the night away and appearance forward for the coming new day. “Children and the people in my universe are all glad they have all that they had to be satisfied approximately”, her thoughts content material her but at the same, she quietly spoke to herself “I wonder whether or not there’s some other universe like ours? I wish I ought to have a danger to get a glimpse of it….”

Her mind and needs caught the attention of the powerful Force that became very energetic at that moment. The following day, she never receives up. She stays napping for years…Her kids and her human beings continue to lavish their Cookie Universe thru the loving grace in their Queen that bestowed love and care on them. This Cookie Universe will become known to all other universe and at gift so busy receiving all sorts of creatures to their land. She will become the wealthiest and famous universe inside the whole galaxy.

Capt. Cake of the Limbo universe, a universe that’s around 6 billion stars far away from the Cookie universe became assigned to protect the Galaxy. He is the bravest and the splendid astronaut in his primetime. For years Capt. Cake experimented on training monkeys as pilots and astronauts. He was very a hit on accomplishing this and then he came upon any other step forward on having an astronaut monkey to fly however with the thoughts of the real individual. He completed this special system and stated to himself that he has to make the exploration by using himself first. Once succeeded with this task he’ll take a seat because of the crown king of the Limbo Universe.

All the planets in the Limbo Universe cheered on him while his great jet set on. The Limbo splendid jet reached an area from in which an astronaut monkey became equipped to fly and explore the galaxy but with the special system and chemical compounds injected to his veins that his brain is somehow linked to a real human brain. This chemical compounds and system injected into the monkey’s veins will serve as a connector and bridge to some other body that has the equal content material injected. A wave-like debris which isn’t always visible with the aid of the bare eye will transmit and get hold of statistics to and from the body to the opposite dwelling body.

Capt. The cake went to take a seat to his precise invention system. His officials helped him, injected the identical unique machine and chemical substances that become also given to the monkey. His eyes are left open but he was sent to sleep deeply. He might be aware of the whole thing that the monkey will see, sense and revel in at some stage in the exploration however his human frame will remain safe and seated on his system.

For numerous days, considering the fact that he landed to this Lost Island of Nowhere, he in no way noticed whatever that pastimes him at all. The land may be very wealthy however it lacks existence. The simplest pleasant factor occurs each day in his world as a monkey is the Princess of the land. He promised himself to chase the princess anywhere universe she belongs to. He might be crowned King of Limbo Universe once he finished this mission, so he meant to deliver his selected queen to his palace. He is aware of the monkey’s body won’t final long to live in this island. The chemical is about for handiest every week time then the monkey’s frame dies. But the accrued data that took place within the occasion since the monkey landed till the monkey’s body wears off will live recorded to Capt. Cake’s mind as vividly as if he experienced it all via himself. That is the beauty of his new step forward invention. And it worked. All the planets in his universe can be very happy with what he had carried out. All humans of the galaxy could be secure in time of battle if there’s any anyhow…

“It’s time”, his mind wonders because the monkey sits underneath the coconut coloration where he waits for the Princess to come. He becomes vulnerable now. He selected just to sit and wait for his princess. As soon as the princess arrived, he expressed his thoughts to her the beauty and beauty of simply doing not anything, however, most effective cuddling the one he fancies.

They simply sit down there together side by facet. After a short time, he began to warfare, his frame trembled and his temperature went down because the chemical has expired and is totally gone now. The Princess lightly added his head close to her right chest. Slowly he looked up and over again stared at her stunning face and said. “I cannot give an explanation for to you what magic happened with me with you on this island, however, you without a doubt make me experience something and I will search for you all my life”. I will find you and after I do you may consider me once you looked into my eyes, you knew it is me”, after which with eye opened, he is long past. Her coronary heart sobbed with loneliness but she became touched via this monkey and gave her religion that at some point they will meet once more in some other universe.

“It’s time, Capt. Cake, It’s time”, the first officer woke him because the alarm clock beeped. Capt. Cake wakes up feeling like his eyes are complete with sands. His first officer placed eye drops on each eye. He closed them, and secure awhile after which mechanically the occasions rewind through his mind. He recalls everything. No doubt he’s once more into undertaking but this time to search for the Princess and she or he may be the queen for the Limbo Universe.