4 Habits You Must Adopt For Being Professional Blogger


You may have read many SEO tricks and tips till now for implementing them on your blog. But do you ever implement any SEO trick (or called habit in a general way) on yourself? If you answer ‘No’, you are just one more ordinary blogger. A blogger who works hard on blogs but never gets the expected results. Do you know why? There may be many reasons, but if you are working hard in a positive direction and not getting what you deserve, think once you have a reputed blogger’s profile in the blogosphere. That may be your answer for not getting the expected benefits. Or maybe your blog reputation is improving daily, do you ever think that speed can rapidly increase by adopting some habits?

What Does It Mean To Be A Professional Blogger?


A blogger’s profile is something that tells the worth of a blog. That means how trustworthy that blog is. You may work hard on writing excellent content, but who will believe the value of that if you do not have a professional or expert profile in that niche? Let’s clear this with an easy example, “find any blog which has almost the same path that you have followed (like the same time of starting a blog, niche of the blog, quality of content, and nearly identical traffic; there are many thousands of blogs and you may find such one easily) then have a look on the comments of their posts if they have less or more than yours that is a difference of your profile value. And it can not be purchased; it can be created only. And I will discuss four such habits that can help you create a professional profile. (There may be many more habits left for you, so you can add them via comments).


Tips for a professional blogger, Unique SEO tips, nature of author: if you want to become a professional blogger, your heart must be experienced. Try to make your heart more and more polite and communicative. Learn to listen to everyone patiently and try to be friendly with them. Learn to accept criticism and avoid asking questions aggressively, even if you want. Win the hearts of your readers and commentators by your nature, not only by knowledge. Then they would like to visit you repeatedly, and ultimately, they will be your permanent traffic source. Other than this, they will also refer their friends to your blog.

Visiting Cards

If you want to be a professional blogger, start becoming professional now. Every business person has visiting cards so that people they meet can quickly contact them next time. In the same way, you and your blog need visiting cards. Have some well-designed visiting cards with you every time and give them to persons you meet (judge people by yourself whom to give or not). Having visiting cards will reflect you as a truly professional person and increase people’s trust in your work. So, make it your habit to have visiting cards with you. (Visiting cards do not cost you much.)

Email Signature

Add a signature to the emails that you sent. Just write your name, role, and blog name properly at the end of your emails. You can add them automatically for all your emails by setting them in your email settings option. An email signature is something like visiting cards but in digital format. Email signature impacts an immediate impression on readers’ mind and increase the chances of boosting your traffic. See below how I use email signatures:

Email signature and SEO tips for bloggers must have the habit of being professionals.

Of-course Quality

Last but not least, one is quality. I put this point, at last, to leave a permanent impact on you when you leave this post. As a professional blogger, you must know the need for quality. But only putting quality in your blog posts does not make you a great blogger. You need to adopt a rate in every act. There should be classes in your suggestions, feedback, or comments when you leave them anywhere; there should be quality in your thoughts and work. Take your time in your actions, but they should be enough to impress your circle. If you start to fill quality in your trim work, that will be more impressive than your many jobs without impacting anyone. So, begin avoiding bulkiness and provide quality in all your actions, Vinzite.

Add your points

These are just four habits which you can improve your profile’s reputation in the blogosphere. I know, guys; you can also add more patterns to them. As commenting is an open platform for adding your views, you can add more habits that a blogger should adopt to be professional. Let’s see who adds more qualitative comments and points to this post via comments.

Happy Blogging!