Top 5 SEO Tips to Make Your Site Into Google Top 10


Everybody wants to make their site into Google Top 10. So they do all sorts of SEO and listen to tips and techniques of SEO firms and professionals. The problem with this approach is that they make changes to the site design and structure as and when they get the SEO tips. This is not a correct approach.

Top 5 SEO Tips to Make Your Site Into Google Top 10 1

If you want to make your site into Google Top 10, you need to follow some standard SEO techniques that increase your SERP and enhance your web Page Rank. By consistently following these Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips, you look natural, and your site skyrockets into Google Top 10.

Tip 1 – Research For A Good Niche:

Even if it is a micro niche, it doesn’t matter. You should develop yourself as an expert in the field. The people will look for your site when you become authoritative over a niche.

Tip 2 – SEO Friendly Design:

Plan your site as per the SEO guidelines and make it Search Engine friendly. The site should be easy to crawl by the search engine robots. A sitemap addition will ease things as significant search engines approve it like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Tip 3 – Mini Research:

Mini research regarding the niche you select, competitors’ information about the related place is recommended. This will improve your knowledge of the subject.

Tip 4 – Keyword Research:

Conduct effective keyword research. Do not go for the most searched keyword. As it involves intense competition, stay away from such competitive keywords. Always opt for long tail keywords as they have low competition and are more targeted. Keyword research is the most challenging step in the development of the site. So it would help if you were thorough and effective. Get the help of Keyword Research SEO Tools and ease your things.

Tip 5 – Unique Content:

Do not copy the content from other sites. Use your language and get unique content. Make it more refreshing and exciting to the visitors. This will help you to get more traffic and thus into Google Top 10.