Pirate Kings Treasure Mod – A Pirate Mod For Ship Collecting and Role Playing Game Enthusiasts


Treasure Hunts for Pirates – The Pirate Kings Treasure Mod is the latest addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean video game series. Although the mod is still relatively new, its users have received it warmly. This mod is being designed and developed by a group of online modders who are professional Pirates of the Caribbean expert designers and enthusiasts. Their efforts in making this mod do live up to their name. This latest Apk is packed with great features that will surely entertain even the most avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

Pirate Kings Treasure Mod

The mod allows its users to play as pirate captains from the famous Caribbean Islands, like Donaloo, Salala, La Conch Mountain, and many more. During your adventures as a captain, you will have to deal with many situations, including attacks from rival pirates and encounters with fellow captains and crew members. You also have the option to recruit new crew members and buy new weapons and armor to bolster your crew’s capabilities.

Aside from the storyline, this mod also has several challenges to test your strategic skills and physical abilities. For example, players can engage in treasure hunts within a time limit and must find a specific item within a particular location before the time runs out. If they fail to see it, they lose the point and must wait for another round of minutes before trying again. There are also other kinds of treasure hunts that aim to find a specific item and activate an area or lock.

Each mode requires sufficient knowledge of the interface and the basic Pirates of the Caribbean commands. It would be highly recommended for players who are still learning the ropes to play through the tutorials available for free on the web to familiarize themselves with the interface and the various commands at hand. Once they feel confident enough, they can play a campaign for more advanced players. In this mode, players can interact with not only other players but also with computer-generated characters.

Some of the mod’s items are skull duplicates of specific Pirate ships, which all players can use. Also, several crates can be collected and then turned in for rewards to players. These include rare items, allowing them to gain power, special skills, and increased weapons or armor. A player who collects all the crates within a period wins.

This mod is not just about luck, however. Players can use riddles and items to influence the game in their favor. If they solve puzzles correctly, the focus on their ship’s Computer Screen changes from red to blue, and they become eligible for a treasure hunt. They also have the chance to double the number of coins that they earn during a play session, so their cash flow becomes balanced.