Oppose property tax hike proposal, corporators urged


CPI(M) leader and 78th Ward Corporator B Ganga Rao have written to all the corporators of the GVMC to seek a discussion over the proposed hike in property tax in the 2nd GVMC Council meeting scheduled to be held on June 23.

property tax In a letter on Sunday, he stated that the GVMC had launched a draft notification concerning the hike on June three without the consent of the council participants, and it turned into totally undemocratic. He sought that the council needs to call for the cancellation of the notification. He added that a levy tax would significantly burden human beings in keeping with the market price. He alleged that the GVMC had included numerous proposals made by YSRCP chief K.K. Raju, who is not an elected consultant, and delivered that it becomes towards guidelines.