Great Storage Tips for a Medication Cart


A medication cart transports, organizes, and stores medical equipment. It includes an array of features aiding in the smooth flow of treatment of patients. It is organized beforehand and has all the mandatory medicines and other desired things to keep along the patient’s bedside. Due to their substantial role in easing the patient’s treatment, it is essential to choose the best range of medical carts that have ample storage and capacity, are impact resistant, withstanding any accident or general wear and tear, and most of all, have quality wheels with locking and braking system that move without feeling the pressures of overload.

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Every type of cart caters to different medical department needs, from pediatric to emergency care, and its contents always differ. But the ways to store all of them are the same. Read through some fantastic tips for keeping your medication cart –

Correct Labeling

It is mandatory to keep all medicines, insulin pens, vaccines, etc., correctly labeled. Keep a keen eye on their opening date and expiration dates. You might give your patient the wrong type of medication by wrong labeling, landing them in a worse situation. However, although it may seem like a minor part of the overall medication cart, it is essential.


Since the carts store and transport medical supplies for procedures, it is essential to keep them secured from any theft or loss, not only for financial reasons but also for safety. So, you should know when and how to lock your medical cart to protect the supplies. There are various security options that you can resort to, like a keyed Lock Bar, Breakaway Bar, Wall Lock, Drawer Locks, etc. You can shop around and search for the best option suiting your needs.

Precise Colors and Hazard Symbols

Your medication carts should have due symbols for any hazard that may arise while operating the machine or dangerous materials kept in it. These symbols serve as information for anyone interacting with it. Also, ensure your staff is aware of it, or else it can increase the chances of workplace accidents. Moreover, certain colors indicate specific meanings in the medical world and are used as an indicating factor. So, using the right colors is also essential. For instance, using red color is a sign of danger.


A medication cart should be cleaned regularly to maintain the hygiene standards of the patient and the surroundings. The pill splitters, glucometers, and counting trays should be duly sanitized after each use. The bins should be emptied regularly, and the surface should be wiped clean after each medication pass. All the medicines and other items should be appropriately organized and kept in boxes, bags, etc. After all, a poorly maintained cart can decrease productivity and may also lead to health hazards.