Getting Your Book Noticed – How to Distribute Self-Published Books


I am a reasonably new creator. I even have one ebook published using an online publisher and allotted to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I ought to admit it was more remarkable for non-public motives than economic ones.

Getting Your Book Noticed - How to Distribute Self-Published Books 1

Now that I have retired (not from the ebook royalties), I have written something weekly. I post the articles on my websites but have not made tons of them. I have begun writing a series of books on Finding the Perfect RV. The oldsters I chat with wanted me to make an ebook from the facts. Lengthy tale brief, it is now three books and perhaps a fourth.

I knew that the cash is made now not from selling the books but from listing folks that offered the ebook and from advertising and marketing provided to sponsors. Now, I have been worried about websites for many years. I am no longer an expert. However, I do love the tinkering.

Most of my websites are based on WordPress, an unfastened website software. I have had a web server and feature-hosted websites for years. Most of them are WordPress websites. I also personalize seven websites that carry a lot of money every month.

Since I turned to writing a chain of books on recreational automobiles, I figured I would try to promote them online vs. using a writer. I offered numerous strategies for being profitable with them and finalized my money-making scheme a couple of weeks ago. But that isn’t always why I am scripting this. I need to inform you of how you may host your website, what unfastened software program to apply, and how to drive traffic to the website online and sell your work.

As you may believe, WordPress is my base package. WordPress (WP) is a blog software program package for unfamiliar people. It is loose and quite powerful. It is great to start posting brief articles and linking to them from Facebook (trace number one for site visitors constructing). Humans can depart remarks, hyperlink to your essays, and generally build hobbies. They can also sign up to be website individuals online or with a plug-in (extension to WP) for your publication.

Getting Your Book Noticed - How to Distribute Self-Published Books 2

Building the connection is fundamental. So newsletters are a pretty relaxed manner to do this. WP uses plug-ins to increase the skills. There are lots of plugs to be had to do pretty much something. I have a plug-in that sends out weekly emails, automatically built around posts I made that week. I am learning how to position advertisements in it and, over the next few weeks, will start monetizing the newsletter correctly. I am the use of MailPoet for my current task. It’s not quite as first-rate as a few others. However, this interfaces with my keep.

Now that we have a website and some communications running for us, the next step is to set up a store or place where your readers can download your ultra-modern work. Again, some other plug-in for WP. The one I am using now is free and held up quite excellent to the launch of my first ebook. It is called WP eStore.

WP eStore is designed for downloaded products. I tested it with a pattern ebook I wrote for my part-time commercial enterprise to drum up a few humans to sponsor and sell products to. I gave the ebook away. However, people don’t appreciate that. So, I set a charge for the ebook and created some coupons. The WP eStore handles all coupon discounts from a penny off to lose, including delivery if needed. It integrates with PayPal, so again, unfastened payment processing, properly essentially unfastened. Even accepts credit cards for a charge (via PayPal and others). When someone purchases an ebook, they get an electronic mail with the link to download it. You can restrict the hyperlink to a wide variety of downloads and times. I set mine to 24 hours and five attempts. I will, in all likelihood, grow it to seventy-two hours. Some people do not study their emails very regularly.

The neat aspect of WP eStore is that it builds a mailing list of every purchaser and tracks what coupons they use.

So here is the beef of this lesson. I wrote a three-element collection. I contacted some human beings in the RV industry and presented them with loose advertising and marketing in exchange for dispensing the ebook to their clients. I positioned their ads within the eBook and the internet site. I gave them a coupon code that allows their customers a loose replica of my first ebook. This builds the mailing listing for the element. You realize I even had human beings buy the primary ebook, and it turned into being given away! WP eStore will show me who downloaded the ebook, what coupon code they used, and once they did it. I can export that listing as a comma-delimited record and then ship the customer’s statistics back to the sponsors to have it and comply with them as they prefer.

Getting Your Book Noticed - How to Distribute Self-Published Books 3

Now, part of the tale. I am now publishing ebook two. I even have a listing of those who downloaded Element One. Do you believe you studied? Are they probably curious about the next book? You bet you! I sent them an email from the internet site announcing that an ebook is now available to get admission to a sample bankruptcy. The internet site tracks who opens the email and clicks on the link; it allows them to shop for the book (maybe at a reduction), and I get to maintain all the money.