Fighting Terrorism With Education


Problem: Education is not broadly available to all citizens in many undeveloped Muslim countries. Many lads and younger men in those countries train in small, non-secular colleges called madrasas that teach their students a strict fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law. Militant Islamic extremists use those colleges as a vehicle for recruiting capability terrorists.

Fighting Terrorism With Education 1

Solution: The citizens in these countries have proven they are open to new colleges being constructed with investment and assistance from Western countries. These schools encourage women to participate and teach an adequately rounded curriculum free of fundamentalist teachings. The ensuing improvement in literacy and information of the outdoor global creates an extra moderate factor of view and decreases poverty and overpopulation. Hundreds of wealthy Westerners flock to the Himalayan Mountains in Asia every year, hoping to overcome several of the World’s most challenging peaks. Most will rent neighborhood villagers to carry them to the summit and hold their tools along the way. These villagers do the lion’s percentage of the work for what typically quantities to pennies.