Do You Want a Virtual Assistant? Use Your Phone!


Do you discover yourself forgetting appointments, dropping your ‘to-do’ listing, or missing time limits? If so, use your clever smartphone as a virtual assistant to help arrange your existence and boost your productivity. I use the iPhone; however, any intelligent smartphone will do all the obligations indexed in this text.

Do You Want a Virtual Assistant? Use Your Phone! 1


I use the calendar to keep track of engagements and recurring duties. After entering a task or event in the calendar, the program permits you to designate whether the assignment can reoccur. The calendar alerts warn me days, hours, or minutes before the scheduled event—I sing my workouts, meetings, and reminders. I will delete the undertaking from the calendar as soon as I have finished it. Every night, I ensure I have accomplished the whole lot I had scheduled that day, and then I preview what I have on the listing for tomorrow. When I wake up the next, I know exactly how I will do my time.


In the past, I changed into a ‘listing individual.’ I typically wrote down my ‘to-do’ list; however, I would generally lose the list. I don’t know how often I went to the grocery store and found out I had left my purchasing list at home. So now I use the Notes software. This is wonderful because if I run by using the store on the manner domestic from paintings to picking up milk, I can quickly test the purchasing listing I made in my Notes app to see if I need to buy anything else.

I use this app to hold a grocery listing, a ‘to make’ list, keep questions I want to deliver up at some stage in meetings and maintain songs of orders I have placed online. I may use it as a dictionary because the software has an integrated spell test.


The iPhone has an iPod, and the sound is exceptional. During long runs or motorbike rides, I even have to get the right of entry to track and use my phone in an emergency. I may even visit iTunes on my telephone and download a tune if I listen to a new song I need.

Email and Internet

I can email myself at once from the Notes software and print any word information out later if I want. I no longer handwrite notes at some stage in business meetings — now I write them into my cell phone, email them to myself, and print them out. After I get back to the office. I drafted my non-public policy guide while waiting in an airport during a business experience. I wrote a chapter of my first ebook, even on a Jet Ski in the middle of a lake close to my domestic. When I lowered my household, I went to my electronic mail and revealed the files.

I can get the right to the Internet any time of the day, no matter where I am. I love this because I am one of those curious individuals who visit Google for information twenty times an afternoon. I also can test my bank stability and pay payments online. I can even save online right on my telephone. During a shuttle one morning, I booked a cruise!