CLIP – Colegio Luso Internacional Do Porto – An Educational Project


In an interview with Time magazine, Peter Drucker, one of America’s essential control theorists, while asked, “What form of a century are we in, then?” answered: “In this 21st century global of dynamic political trade, the full-size element is that we’re in a put up-business society. The business continues to be essential, and greed is as generic as ever; however, people’s values are now not business values but expert values. Most human beings are no longer a part of the commercial enterprise society but a part of the knowledge society.

CLIP - Colegio Luso Internacional Do Porto - An Educational Project 1

The most delicate changes in our society will be in schooling.” When the journalist later suggested whether or not the sector of the 21st century would be characterized via the opposition of the various three top-notch buying and selling blocks –Europe, North America, and Asia –Drucker replied: “Yes, and the sports of 3 big trading blocks will have political results. I suppose we are already in the midst of this, and the sample will not be fair exchange or protectionism, however reciprocity.” When asked: “Do you suspect our establishments and we are ready to address what you call “new realities”? Drucker affirmed: “Many are still stuck inside the international of 1960.

What we face now is new and dynamic -and we’re quite unprepared for it.” These statements from a person calloused in the international commercial enterprise monitor a fact of the prevailing characterized with the aid of dynamic exchange on all fronts, through the power conferred by way of the ownership of facts and understanding, through the importance of training in that context of profound alterations, by using relationships amongst folks, institutions, and peoples based totally at the concept of reciprocity.

With determination, Europe searches for the attenuation of centuries-old divisions; the international locations of the Pacific, led through Japan, try to discover not unique know-how which can also furnish them a greater condign vicinity inside the worldwide discussion board; the Sultanates of Islam search desperately for an extra cohesive and forceful expression of their impact in the present-day world.