Characteristics of the Best Used Car Websites


Not too long ago, shopping for a used car meant spending a whole day hitting as many lots as possible, often to mixed results. Nowadays, your first instinct is to go online rather than outside and shop from there. However, as with car lots, some online sites are better than others. Here are some characteristics of the best-used car websites.

Used Car

Why Are the Top Ones, Tops?

One of the main things a quality website must offer is an intuitive, seamless, user-friendly experience. Finding the site you want to check out is frustrating, only to be hampered by a series of patience-trying glitches.

A top site also offers shoppers complete info and resources about the vehicle they’re considering, including high-res interior and exterior images, the ride’s service history, and all the equipment offered. Some sites will also let you know whether the vehicle’s price is high or low relative to what the market currently bears.

Here Are Some of the Top Sites

Despite the convenience of browsing online, it’s always a good idea to check out a used car in person, if possible. That noted, here are some of the best used car websites:

  • is likely the most well-known website. It’s got the bomb advanced search tools and allows you to filter what you want based on fuel economy or other factors. That’s in addition to your desired ride’s make, model, and price. You can also check the options you want, and your offerings will appear.
  • This site is appealingly basic and straightforward — not a lot of fuss. You can search for a particular body style, make, model, or price within a specified area. You can ask the seller for more details, and each store has maps. You can ask to see a car’s Carfax report and get offerings from bothering dealers and owners.
  • is the best site for classic car enthusiasts. We’re talking everything from 1940s Cadillacs to newer classics from the 1980s, plus tools for tracking down parts and services relating to a vehicle you have now. It also publishes a daily blog with die-cast models and an online store.
  • is known as the top site for on-the-run browsing. Sure, the area’s appealing to the eye and easy to use, but the mobile app for Android and iOS sets it apart. The software lets you speedily check out the offerings of other shopping apps and dealer sites. You can learn how long the vehicle’s been for sale, whether the asking price has changed, and what’s on the Carfax report.
  • is a good site for finding the best deal since it ranks offerings based on dealer ratings, where it can, and pricing. It also clues shoppers in on a vehicle’s actual market value. In addition, you tell how long a car has been for sale and whether the list price has fluctuated.
  • You can go to town with this one on cross-site comparisons if you’re inclined. marries search results from most sites we’ve mentioned and more. You can also get advice, checklists, and buying guides and save your search results for later. You also have access to complete car reviews.
  • Widely known as Kelley Blue Book, this site is excellent for those seeking the ultimate buying experience. You can find out what your car is worth, how much you should shell out for a used car, and how the ride you’re interested in compares to others. You can also get expert and consumer reviews and browse top picks and tips.

Now you have a good idea of the characteristics of the best-used car websites. Look at your needs and shopping style … and find the right source.