Best Mobile Phones for Under 15 Pounds Per Month


Whether you are new to the telephone arena and want to upgrade to a cutting-edge phone or do not have the budget to move to splash out on modern-day tech, you can get a vast range of excellent telephones for under £15 a month.

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Though you will miss out on the high-stop models with 8 MP cameras and the modern Jelly Bean Android technology, there may be no reason why that might keep you returning. In absolute truth, with many such smartphones being launched during the year, excessive-quality fashions are being pushed down the ladder that allows you to make manner for more recent handsets, which means now not-so-antique phones can be determined for much less than you in all likelihood imagined.

The BlackBerry has usually been a reasonably priced phone that features much similar to most other telephones in its variety. This model has traditionally been geared toward either the businessman due to its email and Microsoft Office compatibility or teens because of its multimedia suite and BlackBerry Messenger. That said, it would not imply that the BlackBerry Curve isn’t suitable for all who wish for a decent phone that could cater to their needs, whether to name, text, or keep up-to-date with all the present-day social media posts.

What draws many to BlackBerry isn’t most compelling is its low value and QWERTY keyboard, making it especially clean for customers to send messages and emails. Also, with telephone developments getting more prominent than ever, it’s miles nice to own a tool that you may easily slip into your pocket without needing to shop for a brand-new bag specifically to transport it.

You can get a BlackBerry 9300 on an o2 contract for as low as £10.50 a month, with 50 mins, unlimited textual content messages, and one hundred MB of data. If you’re a talker and feel 50 minutes is insufficient to get you through the month, 02 also imparts a tariff that incorporates 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and a whopping 500 MB of data for 50p more than your £15 price range every month.

The HTC Desire C is an outstanding phone that welcomes you into the arena of Android. Jam-packed with some of the most significant features and applications that function in much more costly fashions, along with the HTC One X, the Desire C gives all you can ever want in a cellphone, with a 5 MP camera and model four. Zero of Android generation established at the tool, you may take a few extraordinary photos and switch from utility to software at the speed of light, without having to watch for the cell phone to capture up with you.

The Desire variety is likewise quite appealing; narrow line and sleek-looking, you shouldn’t compromise on style just because you are in a tight price range. The HTC Desire may be yours for simply £10.50 a month on an o2 agreement, along with 50 minutes, unlimited texts, and one hundred MB of facts if you want more mins on a mobile cellphone agreement, how about a hundred mins, unlimited texts, and 100 MB of records on a Vodafone settlement for £13 per month? Better nonetheless, just like the BlackBerry Curve above, for 50p extra a month, you may get the HTC Desire C with 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of records, which really could hold you emailing, Facebook-ing, and Tweeting till the cows come home every month!