Top five Most Common Laptop Problems & Fixes


This is because of the average consumer’s both restricted or now not present knowledge of dealing with a technical trouble outdoor the small belief that if it does not get a constant proper way and on its own, it will grow exceedingly demanding. Here we have compiled a list of the most commonplace technical troubles computer users run into. Hopefully, this will save you some readers from waiting hours on the preserve for live assistance from an agent or paying over $100 to leave your pocketbook in a single day somewhere the subsequent time your laptop is on the fritz.

1. Why might not my laptop turn on?

First test if the battery mild is illuminated — this need to continually be on whilst your pocket book is plugged in. Did you permit for a full charge? If this light isn‘t always on, the primary factor you need to verify is that your electricity adapter is plugged in at both ends without an interruption.

If the light is crimson, that means it is low on battery and isn’t equipped to carry out a startup. The battery does want time to charge and should be left plugged in for a few hours to allow it to price fully. Double check to ensure the battery is inserted well into the pc.

If it appears there’s nonetheless no fee, attempt replacing the AC adapter with a new one as every so often a quick in your adapter can prevent your battery from being charged. If you’re plugged in and this light isn’t illuminated it can be time to update that battery. Sometimes batteries are damaged completely after being dropped, uncovered to intense temperatures, corroded with the aid of water damage, or just overused without being close down and given time to rest.

If your battery’s light is on but your pocketbook isn’t always powering up then your hassle isn’t along with your battery and you may want to update the hardware within your pocketbook. Check to see if the notebook electricity light is illuminated. It should shine a green light while the pc is becoming on and the battery has juice.

If your pocketbook refuses to turn on, you may have broken the motherboard and the great issue to do is to take it to an expert technician. You don’t need to jumble and mess with hardware you are not fully familiar with as you don’t need to compound your issues.

2. How come my computer does not run as rapid as it used to?

It’s true after months or maybe years of including a software program, photos, song, motion pictures, documents, downloads, and other innumerable software you can word your pocketbook does no longer have the responsiveness it as soon as had. One manner of returning your pocketbook to its former performance speeds is by way of defragging your machine.

This is an easy process that after initiated seeks out unfastened statistics and chunks of sizeable statistics into more densely prepared and tight-knit corporations. This allows for faster and simpler processing to your tough power and could allow different applications to run extra smoothly. Defragmenting is important within the upkeep and fitness of your notebooks.

If you’re using windows, click on your start tab, provoke Programs, mouse above Accessories, System Tools, and there you may find the ‘Disk Defragmenter’. Another course of motion to achieve extra computer going for walks speeds is through strolling anti-adware and anti-virus software program and eliminating any malware that may be slowing down your pocket book‘s performance.

Some spyware and viruses destroy your PC’s capacity to run smoothly. To have your laptop going for walks quicker at startup it is a good concept to check the several applications which can be set to vehicle-run at startup. You can test those programs by clicking the start button, then run, and kind “msconfig” into the textbox.

Here you could uncheck any packages that you don’t locate essential to have car-launched at startup. This will permit for a greater rapid booting manner, much like while you first bought your notebook.

Three. Why can not I get online?

If you’re using wi-fi – Make certain which you are using the state-of-the-art up-to-date software in your device. You should be the usage of a proper username. A not unusual solution is to Double test that your wireless settings have no longer been changed (ie. SSID numbers, wi-fi channels, WEP or WPA.

Check that your wi-fi gadgets have all of the same settings. Even if the whole thing is up to date and related nicely, it is able to nonetheless be impossible to hook up with the net in case your sign energy is simply too low. Check that you are within range of your routers wireless net or that there may be WiFi nearby. Also, test your WiFi get entry to point which can be locked requiring a password.

If you’re the use of dial-up – Make certain that you have plugged your smartphone wire into both the modem and the wall. Also, test to ensure your smartphone twine is working without shorts. Make positive you have typed inside the right username and password and that the caps lock isn’t on.

Check to look that you are dialing the proper variety on your gadget to connect to the net. Another problem causing a state of affairs that can save you dial-up connection is in case your call waiting characteristic is not disabled.

4. How do I forestall pop-ups?

Most servers have integrated pop-up blockers in line to prevent being overrun with tedious commercials and pop-united states but it remains a common nuisance for many. If your hassle is completely out of manage it can be important which you wipe your machine smooth and permit your notebook to head returned to rectangular one.

Quite regularly the trouble in recent times is that despite pop-up blockers that Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have in place to allow for an undisturbed online enjoy, there is constantly newer malware being created to get around these blockades to be able to bombard you with undesirable ads and viruses.

5. Why doesn’t my laptop’s battery hold a charge as long because it used to?

Many of our readers are pissed off through their pc battery’s insubstantial durability and need to realize why their battery cannot preserve a rate the manner it used to and why is it they need to spend more time plugged into the wall. What many human beings don’t know approximately their notebook batteries is that they ought to workout or “study” to paintings at their finest functioning.

With fashionable functioning, pc batteries ought to last as a minimum 3–5 hours. Certain programs will lower the batteries lifespan and there are numerous things you could do to preserve your batteries duration of the overall performance, including working in energy shop pass or turning off the backlight.

One way to flex your batteries abilities is allowing its energy to drain completely after which be recharged to its whole ability. This takes several hours, however, is fantastically useful on your battery’s overall existence. After a whole lot of use, batteries do tend to lose juice and drain faster than they as soon as did. If this becomes complex, it is able to be essential to purchase a new battery for your pocketbook.