Affiliate Marketing Keywords


Also known as performance advertising and marketing, associate advertising is a shape of performance-primarily based marketing in which a commercial enterprise can pay its associates based at the movements of a tourist or patron brought to the business via the affiliate’s own advertising and marketing efforts. Brands and agencies provide associate opportunities to publishers while associates join up to marketplace for advertisers. Below are 20 definitions of relevant terms inside the affiliate area.


Often called the Merchant, the advertiser is both the business enterprise that produces the products or services affiliates sell or the corporation that brand hired to the advertiser for them. Advertisers pay affiliates or networks for turning in site visitors that generates a sale or lead for their brand.


A character (or organization) who promotes products or services for a service provider in change for a fee based off the income and leads acquired. Affiliates are also referred to as publishers.

Affiliate Manager

The man or woman who manages an associate software for a merchant. They are answerable for recruiting publishers, policing associate activity and growing overall sales for the advertiser. An associate manager acts as a liaison between the affiliate and the merchant; they will paintings in-house for the advertiser or be an impartial carrier provider (see underneath: OPM) reduced in a size run their associated software.

Affiliate Network

A 1/3-party corporation that offers associate application control services for more than one manufacturers. Affiliate networks have their very own pool of affiliates for which they offer the monitoring technology to file clicks, income and leads. They allow advertisers opportunities for more publicity assuming their community consists of reliable publishers with the best traffic.

Click-via-Rate (CTR)

Clicking through refers back to the act of a person clicking on an associate link and being taken to the service provider’s internet site. Click-through-fee is a percentage charge that measures the variety of times an associate hyperlink has been clicked on divided the range of times the link has been regarded. That range is then increased via one hundred to find the proportion rate.

Conversion Rate

Conversions are movements correctly completed by way of a tourist or customer based totally on the pre-defined factor of sale installed between advertiser and affiliate. The action might be a click, a credit score card submission all through a sale, or signing up for an email list. Conversion rates display the number of times your affiliate link has generated a predefined conversion in comparison to the variety of times the hyperlink has been considered displayed as a percent. Similar to the CTR, conversion quotes are calculated by diving the number of sales a hyperlink has generated by way of the number of impressions the link obtained and multiplying the result with the aid of one hundred.


A cookie is a small document that is delivered to a browser by a website or redirector area, permitting the web page to apprehend the person when he or she returns. Specific to affiliate advertising, cookies are used as a tracking alternate to pixels. They assign an ID to a person that has clicked on an associate hyperlink to get to a merchant website for a predefined duration. If that consumer completes a conversion, the affiliate is credited for the sale based off the cookie recognition, no matter whether or not or not they completed the sale the use of the associate link on a repeat visit.

Earnings Per Click is the average amount earned every time a person clicks on an associated hyperlink. To locate EPC, divide the quantity generated in commissions from an associate link and with the aid of the overall wide variety of clicks that hyperlink obtained. If a campaign generates $2000 thru an affiliate link and that that link received 7,000 clicks, the EPC might be $.29.

Insertion Order

Insertion orders outline campaign information in addition to the terms and conditions settlement that advertisers and affiliates signal prior to setting out their operating dating. IOs put in force affiliate compliance, specify payout amounts per conversion, outline visitors assets allowed and dictate marketing campaign length.

Outsourced Program Manager (OPM)

Outsourced Program Managers are 1/3-celebration account representatives who work independently of an advertiser to find affiliates and ensure campaign fulfillment. OPMs are also taken into consideration affiliate managers and offer the services an advertiser wishes to be profitable through associate advertising without having to take at the cost in-residence.


Pixels are HTML codes programmed onto a confirmation web page that file sales while a conversion has befallen. There are 4 primary styles of pixels: javascript, iframe, image, and postback (or server2server). Each of these pixels is designed to pass client statistics again to an advertiser or network-based totally on aa success conversion so that commissions may be paid out as a consequence.

Tracking Link

Advertisers provide monitoring hyperlinks to each of their associates or networks that includes a completely unique code specially assigned to that account. Using this hyperlink, advertisers and networks can song the range of conversions obtained by a specific affiliate, allowing them to gage performance.

Unique Click

Unique clicks music the range of original (or specific) visitors have clicked on an affiliate link as opposed to seeing the whole wide variety of clicks (raw clicks) that have occurred. If a person clicks on an affiliate link 3 times, only one click could count number. Unique clicks have a cookie staying power of 24 hours so if the same person got here lower back extra than a day later and re-clicked the associate link, another precise click might song, making it a complete of 2 particular clicks and 4 raw clicks for that person.

White Label

White labeling refers to a merchant allowing an affiliate to sell merchandise underneath their own logo and not using a mention of the real merchant. The commercials are designed uniquely for the affiliate pushing the provide and often make no mention of the out of doors service provider. This can improve the conversion price by means of convincing consumers that the service or product is solely available from the publisher. Most advertisers merchants restriction white labeling possibilities to their pinnacle-appearing and maximum depended on affiliates.