Strawberry Blonde Hair We All Want To Copy


Strawberry blonde hair color looks great on blondes but can also be worn by women with any hair color. So, if you want to migrate to the brunette territory, add some accents or light shade wash to enrich your “natural” hair hue. Are you ready for this great experimentation? Well, take a gander at these exciting strawberry-blonde hair colors that will motivate you to try one of them without any further ado.

Here we go…

1. Rachel Mcadams

A style that has taken the hairstyle industry by surprise. We all love Rachel McAdam’s style with marmalade-shaded locks.

2. Abbey Lee Kershaw

If you want a more relaxed take on strawberry blonde hair, let your stylist use a pale pink wash at the top of a platinum dye to achieve this pastel look.

3. Jayma Mays

One of the best methods to accessorize a vibrant pink dress and bright lips is using an elegant strawberry blonde lob to incorporate subtle and darker highlights for contrast.

4. Mary-Kate Olsen

Is there anything that beats this traditional Olsen style? Correct answer: nop, especially when it incorporates beautiful tresses that correctly toe the is-it-blonde-or-is-it-red line.

5. Bella Thorne

Thorne has mastered the art of shading. She has added darker roots and bright blonde accents to give her signature definition.

6. Adele

Exciting bright strawberry blonde hair? Rockstar colors? Check. The soothing voice of an Engel? Check.

7. Nicole Kidman

Kidman has many opportunities to seamlessly transition between her sweet signature red tresses and a bright blonde. The mid-ground between her two color shades looks so natural.

8. Heather Graham

This is for women with pale skin hues. This style of strawberry blonde hair accents your looks instead of giving you a washed-out look.

9. Blake Lively

Blake’s lively highlights are blonde shades with chunky blonde accents.

10. Cate Blanchett

If you don’t want to commit to your coppery wash for your blonde strands, tell your stylist to incorporate reddish hues like this one of Blanchett.

11. Kristen Stewart

Hair camouflage Kristen Stewart reversed to her natural strawberry tresses hue for the On the Road movie. The rusty undertones are beautiful with her tousled looks.

12. Drew Barrymore

Take a look at this Drew Barrymore hairstyle. Get the look by complementing the blonde accents with a sultry shade of gold.

13. Whitney Port

Most women know it as a beachy blonde in The Hills. However, the color is applied to the crown with the head full of caramel curls in this style.

14. Jessica Chastain

We are all obsessed with this beautiful hue used by Jessica. The gold locks are incorporated between the blonde and strawberry.

15. Emma Stone

Stone opts for ombre curls with her head full of accents at the hairtips.