In Search of Courage – Transcending the Politics of Fear


This is undoubtedly my least preferred time of the year: election time in the USA. With young kids vying for my attention, I do not watch that much TV nowadays. But after I do take pleasure in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a couple of minutes of CNN, or an Ohio State soccer recreation, there is not anything worse than an in-your-face political industrial threatening the cease of civilization as we are aware of it, if you vote for candidate X (who is jogging for County Commissioner). You understand what I’m talking about approximately. The eerie music, the newspaper snapshots with the headlines “terrorism” or “scandal”, and the darkish, grainy photographs wherein the candidate’s expression seems like they turned into stuck-on movie shoplifting a Snickers bar from the nearby BP Mini-Mart. What annoys me the most about those classified ads (if you could even name them) is that most of them intentionally attempt to evoke an experience of worry or anger.

In Search of Courage - Transcending the Politics of Fear 1

Over the years, I’ve learned (now and again the hard way) that fear and anger are the absolute worst locations to make selections. Whether they dealt with finances, relationships, career movements, or even being concerned for my kids, the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made were dedicated after becoming dissatisfied or afraid. Last fall, as an instance, I moved a reasonably massive chunk of 401k money into a hazardous mutual fund segment. I had researched the fund and its holdings, cautiously evaluated its overall historical performance, and then made my flow. Things were wonderful…For a month. And then, at some point, all of a sudden, some information on the state of the financial system despatched the fund fee tumbling over a three-day duration. What did a 22% gain become now the best four?

Although I knew intellectually that the fundamentals on which I had made my initial decision were in place, I panicked and moved my money into a cash fund. Sure enough, within two weeks, the marketplace had rationalized the information, and the fund was lower back up…The “bad news” had despatched it tumbling to a stage even better than before. That little bout with worry prices me numerous thousand bucks.

In addition to my lower back, I evaluated the professional preference of moving to a new, smaller, “high-tech” organization vs. advertising with my present-day Fortune 50 enterprise. Analytically, the news agency was an excellent opportunity. With a bit more money and a flow to a metropolis, I thought it could be a blast to stay in (San Diego), have inventory options, and enjoy an enterprise in its infancy (wireless telecommunications). In the quiet of the day,

I chose the “secure” option and stayed with my cutting-edge organization. I was hoping you could make no mistake, and it became a terrific choice, one that (I rationalize now) ultimately led me to fulfill my wife. But I’ll usually wonder what might have taken place if I’d had a piece greater courage and trusted my head.

In his 1933 inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt stated, “Let me assert my firm notion that the best aspect we have to worry about is fear itself”. Indeed. And in no way has that been more accurate than these days. By a long way, the most effective of our emotions, fear, and anger, had been used to govern, intimidate, and manage humans for so long as politics and religion (and moms-in-law) had been societal forces. Long before Osama bin Laden and “terrorism”, there was the “crimson scare” and the risk of communism.

Before that, there were implied risks of letting ladies vote, and black and white youngsters attend faculty collectively. And centuries before that, there had been the threats of witches, heretics, or even the belief that the Bible be published in a language apart from Latin! On a more excellent macro stage, worry permeates the discrete interactions between people each day. I can most effectively marvel at what number of people are caught in terrible relationships and tolerate abusive remedies from spouses, pals, or bosses because the thought of leaving or being on my own is even more terrifying than setting up with the abuse. How sad for them and how unhappy for us as a society.