How to Set Up Online MARKETING TOOLS for Your New BOOK


In the last two months, I’ve been swamped advertising my new book, and I’ve learned so much using indie (a self-published writer who works independently and is a do-it-yourself person) that I desired to share my knowledge with different authors to help them reap success.

As a solopreneur and a commercial enterprise female who’s used to creating matters appear for herself, I had been operating on setting up all the essential advertising equipment for this ebook on my own. Everything – from shopping for a website call and website hosting to growing the website’s headers, footers, pages, and appearance, to setting up a Facebook web page, a Twitter account, a Goodreads profile, and a giveaway, linking most of these together and making it appear entirely while growing a video script to produce an ebook trailer and in reality locating a low-cost manufacturer – I’ve performed all of it just on my own. Frankly, it’s not been easy using anyway.

How to Set Up Online MARKETING TOOLS for Your New BOOK 1

So, I thought, “Why not write about how I have executed all this and dedicate it to self-published authors?” Here you move – you’re analyzing it now. An internet site. The website on your ebook is aimed to serve as the book’s landing page and include the info that your capacity readers and media may also need: the ebook’s cowl, the intro to your ebook, the writer’s bio, and photo, samples of media appearances, an ebook trailer, endorsements on your ebook from readers, signal-up container on your potential readers, and so forth. START WITH A CATCHY AND EASY-TO-REMEMBER DOMAIN NAME! To create my website, I went to GoDaddy and tried different domains that were shooting up in my head. The actual name of my ebook includes too many phrases, so this wasn’t an option for a website. I got a nickname for my ebook, tried SMARTgoalsBook, and it became to be had. I bought website hosting from GoDaddy for twelve months for $75 and the area name for three years for $51 after some reductions, for which I acquired special bargain codes through electronic mail some weeks before that. I did not buy additional pages – just one page incorporating a simple bundle. I did not pay for any internet site-building equipment either. Instead, I mounted the unfastened WordPress app, which has no page limits in any way. Installing the WordPress app took a couple of minutes, after which a couple of minutes more to look forward to an affirmation. Once that was performed, I could log in and build my internet site.