How to Set Up Online MARKETING TOOLS for Your New BOOK


In the ultimate two months, I’ve been very busy with advertising my new book and I’ve learned so much by means of being indie (a self-published writer who works absolutely independently and is a do-it-yourself person) that I desired to share my knowledge with different authors to help them reap success.

As a solopreneur and a commercial enterprise-female who’s used to creating matters appear for herself, I had been operating on setting up all the essential advertising equipment for this e-book on my own. Everything – from shopping for a website call and website hosting to growing website’s headers, footers, pages, and appears, to setting a Facebook web page, a Twitter account, Goodreads profile and a giveaway, linking most of these together and making it appearance quite, while growing a video script to produce a e book trailer and in reality locating an low cost manufacturer – I’ve performed all of it just on my own.

Frankly, it’s been not easy by means of anyway. So, I idea to myself: “Why not write a piece of writing about how I have executed all this, and dedicate it to self-published authors?” Here you move – you’re analyzing it now.

An internet site. The website on your ebook is aimed to serve as e book’s landing page and include the info that your capacity readers and media may also need: the ebook’s cowl, the intro to your ebook, writer’s bio and photo, samples of media appearances, an ebook trailer, endorsements on your ebook from readers, signal-up container on your potential readers, and so forth. START WITH A CATCHY AND EASY TO REMEMBER DOMAIN NAME! To create my website, I went to GoDaddy and commenced trying different domains that were shooting up in my head. The actual name of my ebook includes too many phrases, so, obviously, this wasn’t an option for a website called. I got here up with a nickname for my ebook, tried SMARTgoalsBook, and it becomes to be had. I bought website hosting from GoDaddy for twelve months for $75 in addition to the area name for 3 years for $51 after some reductions, for which I acquired special bargain codes thru electronic mail some weeks before that. I did not buy any additional pages – just one page that incorporates a simple bundle. I did not pay for any internet site building equipment either. Instead, I mounted the WordPress app, that is unfastened and has no page limits in any way. Installing the WordPress app took a couple of minutes after which a couple of minutes more to look forward to an affirmation. Once that was performed, I become able to log in and begin building my internet site.

First, I needed to set up a topic. I attempted some, attempting to find something orange, clean, contemporary and handsome – something that could appearance proper on a cell device it’s being considered on. I chose the “Black and Orange” WordPress subject matter. I failed to like a few matters about it although, including a Search box in a header. So, I opened Appearance/ Editor / Header on the right side, and it showed me the code. I had no clue a way to paintings with HTML code, so I copied all of it into a secure area and started out playing with it at the Editor web page, saving and checking it out. I got the Search box out! Next step changed into to edit a footer, wherein it initially said who evolved the theme, and so forth, however, I wanted it to mention “© Current Year My Name and My Company, LLC My Company Website My Phone Number My Email Address” You will need to customize your footer as nicely – it’s an unfastened branding and gives you credibility; it additionally suggests that your internet site is professionally done. So, I did what I described before. Appearance / Editor / Footer on the proper facet, and it showed me the code. I copied it all right into a secure region and began gambling with it at the Editor web page, saving and checking it out. I got my copyright message in! For pages to appear the way I desired in a certain order, I created a menu for pages beneath Appearance / Menus. Of route, your website’s call and tagline may be edited under Settings / General, unless you have got a custom designed banner like I do – then, you won’t want those. Just play with it, save and see, if you want the look. Patience and time investment will pay off – I promise.

Social Media. Social networks are your free advertising and marketing equipment and your possibility to engage together with your modern and capability readers and clients. Definitely use them! I created a Facebook web page for Turn Your Dreams and Wants Into Achievable SMART Goals! In only a few minutes. You do need to have a Facebook profile first even though. Facebook gear is free. To sell my book’s Facebook web page, I went to Build Audience / Invite Friends and invited all of my contemporary buddies from my private profile, 10 at a time. Then, I invited anybody on my Constant Contact listing by means of exporting the contacts from Constant Contact to a separate report and uploading it to my Facebook web page. Then, I also invited my Skype contacts. Next, I created a Twitter account for my e-book. It’s free as well. I delivered the Facebook page to my Hootsuite social media manager (every other extraordinary FREE tool) and pre-scheduled once-a-day posts for a month or so. After that, I set my Facebook posts to go immediately to Twitter. The toughest element turned into to create a Twitter tab for my Facebook web page, because of this that my tweets might show up on a separate tab of my Facebook web page for the ebook. As a solopreneur, I like to free the entirety, so I saved searching out any other loose tool and ended up the usage of this one: https://apps.Facebook.Com/twitter-tab-app/ It actually publications you on the way to configure it on your taste – you could trade colorings of the actual tab, its links, the wide variety of tweets proven, etc. This is a tremendous tool to expose your target audience that you have an extensive online presence.

Integrating Social Media into Your Website. By integrating your social networks into your internet site, you’re making yourself searchable, handy and permit your readers and customers to without problems get a maintain of you in addition to be part of your community. It’s a first-rate way to sell your ebook and your self as an creator and expert! To have a Facebook LIKE container with faces of humans, who already preferred my web page, I set up a plugin that’s called “FB Like Box”. It gives you an possibility to configure its appearance the manner you want – with a flow of your posts “on” or “off” (I selected “off”), with faces of your fans “on” or “off” (I chose “on”), and, eventually, it helps you to specify the width and excessive of the field in addition to permits you to name the box. Next is Twitter To have a totally pretty Twitter feed with the “Follow” button, I without a doubt went right here https://twitter.Com/settings/widgets. I configured the widget the way I desired it for my website and copied the produced HTML code (it is very clean – takes simply one click and no unique understanding). Then, I went to my Dashboard on WordPress website under Appearance / Widgets, I dragged the Text Widget to the sidebar at the proper, located it anywhere I desired the Twitter feed to appear, and, ultimately, I pasted the code that I copied from the Twitter widget site – instantly into the Text Widget on my sidebar. I stored it, and it appears perfect – check it out. I propose it surprisingly!

Social Sharing and Commenting. By allowing your visitors to comment and proportion on your website in preferred and your weblog posts, in particular, you get a phrase-of-mouth advertising for free. You’ve got to get rid of your fears of receiving bad remarks – even in case you do get a few bad feedback, that is your chance to improve. The venture of locating proper plugins for this motive is the maximum complicated component because of a big kind of social share buttons available for WordPress. The best recommendation I can give you right here is this – figure out first what social website you need to include into sharing options, determine whether or not or no longer you want counts of likes and stocks to seem and, lastly, strive, try and attempt till you locate what is best on your eye. I have spent many hours doing simply that. I attempted to install one of a kind social share plugins, configured them, saved, checked out the way it seems on my internet site, deactivated, deleted, looked for any other one… But now I am satisfied with what I’ve got! For comments, I use a plugin referred to as Facebook Comment. You will see that WordPress has of those, the only I use is the second one that looks below Plugins / Adds New / Search results. Right now on my very website I use 4 extraordinary plugins: one for social stocks on the bottom of every submit and page, any other for social sharing buttons on excerpts of the blogs, the 0.33 one is a floating widget at the left-hand aspect (which isn’t visible on cellular gadgets – only pc and laptop), and, ultimately, there’s a widget at the right facet that lets in you to comply with me and has all my social networks listed as icons. Let me let you know approximately every of these.

The first plugin I use for social proportion buttons on domestic page and pages and OPEN weblog posts is called Social Sharing Toolkit – it permits you to have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn sharing buttons on your homepage, different website pages, and FULL OPEN weblog posts, however, it doesn’t permit you to reveal the social proportion buttons on BLOG EXCERPTS. The plugin is straightforward to put in – sincerely go to Plugins / Add New / Social Sharing Toolkit / Install / Activate, and it will seem in your dashboard on the left-hand aspect, underneath SETTINGS. Configure it at your liking and see how properly it works.

The second plugin for social buttons on excerpts of the blog web page is called Sociable. This one will best let you have the button EITHER on the home web page OR the excerpts… Of path, you need to have the sharing buttons on BOTH, so you will most effectively use this plugin for excerpts because you now have the first plugin proven on your house page. It’s smooth to install – truly visit Plugins / Add New / Sociable / Install / Activate, and it will appear on your dashboard at the left-hand aspect on the bottom of the dashboard. It can be called Select Sociable Plugin. You go there and configure it the manner you want.

The 0.33 plugin I use for the floating widget, which yet again does NOT SHOW UP ON A MOBILE DEVICE. The widget is called Digg Digg. It will live for your dashboard, on its backside, and it will be referred to as alike. I most effective use one function of this plugin, so after setting up, I went straight to its Digg Digg / Floating Button Bar / Configuration and I configured it the manner you see it now on my website.