How Ocean’s 8 Got All Those Celebrity Cameos

Aside from the main cast, there are also a ton of celebrities making cameos as guests at the Met Gala.

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When you put a lot of hard work into one goal and you achieve it, that’s a really good feeling.

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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

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Baseball in Shanghai? Another American Sport Exported to China


As an athlete (or as a minimum having been an athlete within the beyond) and a sports fan, one of the tough things about finding myself on a prolonged stay in Shanghai, China (putting in place carrying items manufacturing and other commercial enterprise contacts) is the close to isolation from maximum American sports activities. Although basketball, over the past ten or so years, has emerged as famous a number of the Chinese human beings, baseball has but to discover its way into the sports activities subculture here. While at each school or playground it is probably you’ll find a few youngsters aspiring to turn out to be the subsequent Yao Ming, point out the term “baseball” to maximum Chinese, even ones who communicate pretty desirable English, and you’ll probably find yourself having to look thru a phrasebook to locate the Chinese word for baseball: “bangqiu” (stated bong chi-o).

I had heard from a number of the expatriates dwelling in Shanghai that there was a few sorts of baseball group gambling in the metropolis, so I did a few Google searches to peer whether I ought to locate statistics about the team. I located a few articles on the Internet about the Shanghai Eagles’ spring trip to the U.S. To compete in opposition to junior college groups. The sports summaries, published with the aid of the news human beings at many of the U.S. Faculties in opposition to which the Eagles performed, defined a crew that had first-rate pitching, but no longer plenty hitting. As can show up with that form of team chemistry, the Shanghai club misplaced all seven of its exhibition games inside the U.S.

I didn’t anticipate tons once I went to watch the team play, but I was excited to really see a baseball subject once more, having been in China for a while, and I wanted to experience the baseball surroundings here. A Chinese pal of mine hunted down statistics about wherein the Shanghai Eagles performed and at what time, so I took my spouse out for a Friday afternoon on the baseball area.

The antique ball recreation didn’t have any peanuts or Cracker-Jacks, or warm puppies, or liquids, or very many spectators. There changed into a mascot dressed in a hen in shape, and, although we had to search in the back of some buildings to discover it, enormously the sphere seemed quite general. There was a total of in all likelihood fifty people in attendance whilst the game started. People got here and went as the sport progressed. Something that struck me become the feeling that many there have been obviously difficult-center baseball fans, the sort you’ll anticipate to find catching foul balls at an MLB park. After fast being noticed as one of the handiest white guys in attendance, I changed into approached by means of Dan Washburn, an information representative doing a story for Baseball America. During my verbal exchange with him, he told me that he met a few older Chinese men at one of the video games he’d attended. He cited that after he asked them what brought them out to the event, they advised him they played ball when they were much more youthful, being compelled to leave the game at the back of while Mao Zedong did away with the American influence during the Cultural Revolution. As for the group of boisterous, university-aged fanatics, I changed into informed that a set of them attended the neighborhood baseball college, and they were being skilled to later emerge as experts. (In China, many youngsters who explicit a selected athletic skill are guided down a specialized path dedicated in large part to the closing success in their athletic talents.) There were a few younger T-ball aged kids at the sport who had been introduced to me by the uncle of one of the boys. He desired them to practice English with me and my spouse, and later the 2 boys asked me to play trap with them using the homemade-looking, well-used baseball one of the boys added to the sport.

The vicinity we used to play capture changed into the same grass region out of doors the stadium utilized by the professional groups to heat up their bullpen pitchers. I used the opportunity to get a feel for the way nicely an expert pitcher in China throws. The one I saw turned into probable throwing within the high-70’s to low eighty’s. I watched him throw curve balls with a few proper motions and alternate u.S.A. Well. His control was comparable to an average to an appropriate college pitcher.

The specific recreation we watched went into extra innings as the Eagles dropped a massive lead late in the game. Being distracted by humans trying to exercise English all through the 10th and eleventh innings, it wasn’t till the twelfth that I observed an atypical twist to baseball because of the Chinese play it. Probably for the sake of ending the sport as quickly as feasible, they permit each team to start more innings with a runner on 2nd base. One problem I saw with this method is that it made the sport uninteresting, as the apparent lack of confidence in hitting at the part of both groups became the greater innings into a bunt-fest. Finally, Tianjin broke open and went directly to win nine-5 in 12 innings.

During the game, I met some college baseball players who had come to be interested in baseball when they came to university. They don’t attend the particular baseball university, so their instructional involvement baseball is simplest more-curricular. They invited me to play with them, and I have participated in some of their practices and scrimmages.

On a Wednesday afternoon in May I followed the directions given to me to meet the crew at the Shanghai Teacher’s University on Guilin Road. The subject wherein the crew practiced wasn’t without a doubt a baseball area. It becomes a general-cause field used mainly for football and music physical games. I even have quickly come to take into account that the distance obstacles in Shanghai, just like most parts of China, make it in order that facilities need to double up on their utilization. It changed into a fun for me to watch as we set up for a scrimmage. The regions where right and middle subject must become full of a mix of human beings, together with some of our people playing the one’s positions, and football gamers who have been not inside the least inquisitive about what we had been doing, especially on account that they have been absolutely engaged of their own recreation. As fly balls dropped amongst them, some of the football players might pick out the balls up and toss them again, at the same time as others would, with an indication of infection, kick them out of the way. Fortunately for the soccer gamers, none of them had been hit.

Many of the baseball gamers were not so fortunate. A healthful worry of tough baseballs journeying at excessive speeds appears to be second nature for maximum Americans, as though we’re born with an understanding that if a ball is fouled off into a person’s face, it will harm like heck at best. Although a maximum of them did not recognize what I became saying, I tried often to tell the ones watching the action to returned far from the batter and catcher. During one ten-minute c language, I noticed three humans get hit hard in the face or head through baseballs. Throughout the entire practice, there were regular close to-misses as nicely.

On-deck hitters saved with the Chinese custom for retaining one’s vicinity in line via crowding in the back of the man or woman in the front. That approach is okay for the neighborhood Mcdonalds. In reality, if you do not push your manner up in line, you’ll locate yourself status in the equal area for a long-term, with man or woman after individual jumping in the front of you. However, when the person on the front of the line is swinging a bat, an extraordinary set of regulations ought to follow.

During the first exercise with the college players, I become invited to pitch to the group as they scrimmaged. It soon has become obvious that there had been numerous ability tiers represented on the plate. I become reminded of something I noticed in Little League (wherein kids are normally simply beginning to discover ways to react to balls thrown toward them) while a specifically anxious batter by accident stepped in the front of the plate, opening up in the direction of the ball so that it hit him at once inside the belly. Fortunately, I was only throwing about 70 mph, so no principal harm became carried out, except that the participant becomes probably fast cured of any interest he had in the new American recreation. After that incident the alternative gamers warned me once I became pitching to a person who turned into new, so I could sluggish it down sufficient for them to take a few solid cuts.

In a rustic wherein the game hasn’t without a doubt caught on but, it amazes me that these gamers reply so well to the difficulties of gaining knowledge of baseball. It is apparent that lots of these human beings, women and men alike, have evolved a love or even a passion for the sport. Before their season commenced in June, they practiced on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Most practice sessions remaining 5 hours or longer. During the time I even have participated with them, I even have visible their abilities enhance, with arm strength growing and fielding and batting abilities doing the equal.

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So while the Olympics come to Beijing in 2008, what are we able to assume from the Chinese group? Will or not it’s incredibly of an embarrassment, like the Greek crew’s overall performance in 2004? Or will the home crew have a threat to compete? My personal opinion is that the competition stage would not exist in China now for the countrywide crew to compete with the likes of Japan, Taiwan, the U.S., or Cuba. However, if they are able to get enough publicity by way of gambling outside of China, they could just pull off a medal. As for the lengthy-time period outlook on baseball in China, remarks made by using someone who has more revel in with the gadget, as an investor and lively baseball supporter in China, give a pretty desirable take at the concern. When I referred to him that I changed into thinking about beginning a baseball retail store or batting cage in Shanghai, one of the founders of the CBL instructed me that it wouldn’t be a horrific concept if I did not thoughts starving for a couple of years. A few years from now, however, he stated, miles one of a kind scenario is likely to exist, with baseball probably turning into what it is in Taiwan.