Fulton Kitchens Opens Shared Kitchen Space in L.A. For Food Entrepreneurs


Los Angeles is a hot spot for business kitchen spaces (like Kitchen United and Travis Kalanick’s cloud kitchen startup) which can assist restaurants in increasing their digital delivery operations. But a new facility is establishing up in North Hollywood subsequent week that forsakes the restaurant biz; as an alternative, it provides an area for food marketers to expand their packaged items groups.

Fulton Kitchens Opens Shared Kitchen Space in L.A. For Food Entrepreneurs 1

Fulton Kitchens is an 11,000 square foot construction with 20 personal kitchen areas to be had for rent. “It’s a blank canvas,” Yossi Reinstein, Partner at Fulton Kitchens LLC, advised me through the phone. Each area comes with the necessary infrastructure (water, electricity, vent hoods) and is accredited with the aid of the fitness inspector — but customers should deliver all their devices.

These spartan offerings are a right away result of Reinstein’s enjoy at Fulton Kitchens’ first facility, which opened throughout the metropolis three years in the past and remains operational. Originally, Fulton furnished an expansion of the kitchen system there — however, she quickly learned that their purchasers often wanted specialized machines for making artisanal pickles, sauerkraut, or clean-squeezed juice. In the stop, it becomes just simpler to have clients installation their machines. There also are no basic amenities provided using Fulton Kitchens. Unlike Kitchen United, Fulton has no support personnel reachable to ease up or wash dishes for everybody; and it doesn’t offer steerage for meals entrepreneurs to navigate lets in,

FDA approvals and such, as does Commonwealth Kitchen. Reinstein said that his corporation is undoubtedly looking for mid-degree entrepreneurs: humans who have moved past the step of creating cottage food of their kitchen, however, haven’t yet graduated to a complete-on devoted manufacturing facility. In other phrases: those who recognize what they’re doing and don’t want handholding. Many of Fulton’s customers already sell into Whole Foods and different places throughout Southern California. Though Fulton Kitchens’ N. Hollywood construction gained’t open till next week, Reinstein stated that it’s already half of renting out. While he didn’t want to offer specifics, rents range via length (250 sq. Ft. At the small quit to 550 sq. Ft. For the biggest) and require at least a year-lengthy rent.