Feature: The case for diversity


As the All-In Diversity Project launches its second survey, co-founder Kelly Kehn tells Gaming Intelligence why variety is a key to industrial achievement.

The All-In Diversity Project (AIDP) has launched its second survey of the making a bet and gaming industry. It seeks to benchmark the world’s diversity, equality, and inclusion efforts.

Last yr 26 groups supplied their statistics (although 1/2-a-dozen were Paddy Power Betfair companies). During these 12 months, 44 have agreed to participate. With increased quotes like that, the booklet of the All-Index record is sure to turn out to be a fixture within the gaming calendar.

It is an idea so devastatingly easy and so glaringly a “desirable component” that it provoked an incredible feeling of “why didn’t I try this?” at Gaming Intelligence HQ. Our desire to get worried has brought about us to sign a strategic partnership settlement with All-In.

Feature: The case for diversity 1

We will be increasing the coverage on our ‘People’ channel over the upcoming months in partnership with All-In; as we consciousness of an industrial issue, this is regularly omitted.

It isn’t too late so that one can get involved both. Until the year’s stop, you have to get in contact with All-In and participate in the trendy survey. This has not to be a big deal for corporations. The survey is designed in this type of way that it must most effectively take one person half a day to complete, presuming that the individual has got admission to the relevant records.

The more profound question is why an enterprise ought to get worried. Here, co-founder Kelly Kehn explains the benefits of your employer.