Computer Tips From My Journal


As I mentioned before, I have a little notebook that I record the computer tips that work for me and how I solved my computer problems. Here is a random list of some of the recent entries:

Computer Tips From My Journal 1

To add a Youtube video to a blogger, copy and paste the embed code associated with the video.

Buy a child’s mouse for both children and older people. The mouse is more prominent and a little easier to maneuver.
If you write a blog, keep a journal or spreadsheet of both the titles you’ve written about and any that you plan to do.
If you add a video to WordPress and it doesn’t show up, you may need to click ‘publish’ first.
To add audio to WordPress with the audio plugin, you must be in Visual Mode, not HTML. You also need to save it first. If the audio still doesn’t work, try a different theme.

If you have too many files on your computer, try organizing them into topic-related folders. If you are doing a particular project, all of the files related to that project should be kept together in one folder.

If you set up a template in Open Office, you can write your manuscript or report and, with one click, turn it into a PDF file.
Are you taking a family trip? Print off all of the possible places to visit and plan your itinerary before you go.
Keep up with friends and family in other countries by using the chat feature on Facebook. Agree on a time and have a live conversation rather than posting an update Plan Trussler.

Can’t family members make it to your special event? Take a group shot and then use photo editing software to add them to the picture.
My photos only showed as icons, and since they weren’t all labeled, it was pretty hard to find what I wanted. To fix that, I had to go into my Pictures folder, click ‘Tools’, then ‘Folder Options’, and make sure the box beside “always show icons, never thumbnails” isn’t checked off. You want to see your thumbnails, and I always did before. Not sure why my picture view suddenly changed.

When sending the same email to a group, you can create a group in Outlook Express. But if the ‘Create Contact Group’ option doesn’t show up on your contacts page, this is what you do: After opening the contacts list, right-click on the open space on the top right side and select ‘customize this folder. Then choose ‘Contacts’ from the drop-down and click ‘okay.

If you have trouble playing MP4 videos, right-click and try again with the Windows Media Player instead.
There you have it. A baker’s dozen of the computer problems I’ve managed to solve, although it took me hours to do it in some cases. This is why I write the solutions down for the next time I need help.

What computer tips have you learned lately? We’d love to know.

Carol Bremner is a computer-loving member of the gray generation. Join her at and for more computer tips and ideas.