Beware The Whip Of A Beautiful Face


I cannot forget the day after I got my first car; how excellent and thrilling it was. However, the initial feeling changed into no longer being pretty as exciting in possessing that car as was the pleasure and happiness in receiving it. Each day after, I longed for that feeling of first joy for the 2nd time. Unfortunately, that feeling of satisfaction did no longer come again. Desires are that manner. They no longer hold their promises of continuing happiness because they may be incapable of bringing that fulfillment or attention. Mental torture is going with attachments. Desires are momentarily captivating to the senses or the frame. A worldly guy foolishly tries to thrill himself with the pleasures of the body, and that is all in vain.

Beware The Whip Of A Beautiful Face 1

Those people die of damaged hearts, having vainly attempted for lasting happiness from worldly fabric treasures. The joy promised from mortal dreams gives sorrow instead. The senses’ pleasure springs from external contacts and are begetters of distress; they’re essentially temporary because they have a beginning and cease. The brave can experience all the great things without attachment. Every incarnate soul ought to travel via the pathway of lifestyles inside the territory of sensations and experience traps to interrupt the chains of forced reincarnations to, in the end, attain its closing purpose. Armed with the armor of wisdom, the man of self manage travels through this pathway with detachment appearing his responsibility in the complex global of the senses. Do you want to be just like the canine harnessed to a cart with a sausage dangling out in front on a pole, pulling steadily increasingly more a tormenting life as a slave to his desires, forever wondering, “when I get her, I may be glad?” What if that day by no means comes? Be happy now, this second! Why spend the little time you’ve got on this earth making plans and questioning a way to have a beautiful girl.

With detachment, the sage views all external right appears or beauty whether a jewel, a flower, or in the face of a lovely lady; he now not has the cravings for possessions. The experience slave yearns for control and as precious riches and exquisite women are considered in this international, so are his desires for them. In his frustration from non-ownership, he will become sour or indignant. However, allowing the mind to harmlessly dwell on that appeal or nourishing it in any manner is to invite for the resulting outcomes. Even subtly, the course it takes will result in the same nonsecular destruction. No grasp or sage would search for happiness from just a pretty face.

Earthly people toil for fabric acquisitions that might be perishable and for goals that can be unrealistic and unfulfilling; folks who are devotees or college students of the divine do not stupidly imitate them. The sages from the East had been mental specialists. Instead of simply laying down and passing laws and commandments of which neither would decrease nor shrink man’s resourcefulness for breaking restraints, the sages appealed to the expertise of the human thoughts by offering a convincing evaluation of the “why” of proper conduct. Down the stepladder of temptation therein lay the ranges of descent to man’s downfall, for brooding miserably over sense allures will, in the end, result in baneful effects.