A High School Graduate The CEO of Apple? Breaking The Silence on Donald Trump


I write, and I write a lot. A lot of my writing is in-progress, and the majority is just not published anywhere public. A friend commented recently that “I’ve seen only a few Facebook posts, but nothing in depth regarding Donald Trump from you, what’s up?”

The answer?

Ever since the day (June 16th, 2015) Donald Trump made his bid for the White House I have had two reasons for not publishing any writing unique to him. First, I do not want to be lumped into the mass majority of blog posts, articles, and commentary on him. I believe attention fuels his fire, and I did not want to be a drop of that fuel. And second, I was fearful that my stance, position, and viewpoint would be considered “out there” and more so, scary for me to see in black and white. But, as a writer my passion is putting into words what people have either thought but not written, or never thought before.

Article (Written June 23rd – 24th, 2015):

The question posed: “Matthew, what do you think of Donald Trump?”

My biggest fear? The short answer is easy; the long is hard. In a nutshell, “With Donald Trump, you are overlapping Reality Television and Reality. Those are two completely polar opposite entities, and to overlap them is detrimental. Detrimental to our political system, politicians, campaigns, and the democratic process in the United States. And being bare and human, I fear for people’s safety both during and if he wins the presidency. And, by overlapping these two realities, I am afraid he could very well win.”

Let me clear up some of what I mean by the above statement, and help draw a distinction in definitions that I am using. We will begin at the beginning and work our way towards the ends.

What is meant by, “overlapping Reality Television and Reality,” is that American’s become fixated on the invention of “Reality Television.” Think of what the top rating shows are on the airwaves nowadays, and not just the central stations but on cable/satellite. Here is a list compiled by someone who watches less than 30 minutes a day of television (minus news networks), and off the top with not looking up shows:

– The Voice

– The Real Housewives of Atlanta

– The Real Housewives of New Jersey

– The Real Housewives of Orange County

– The Real Housewives of New York

– 19 Kids and Counting

– The Apprentice

– Sister Wives

– Survivor

– Big Brother (1, 2, 3, 4,… )

– The Little Couple

– The Bachelor

– The Bachelorette

– Bachelor in Paradise

– “The Reality TV Channel” (Yes, there is a Reality Television channel).

There are many more, but writing it is depressing. The point? Ever since the explosion of reality television during the beginnings of Big Brother and Survivor of the 1990’s/2000’s, it has become an American obsession. And it continues to grow more and more. Why? Because American’s tune in to transport to “reality” on their television screen. But, what they actually do not realize is that it is not “reality.” Reality in the essence of reality as in you the reader having the ability to stop reading this article, turn off whatever electronic device you are reading it on whether it is the size of a theatre screen, to a watch on your wrist, and live your life. Reality television is a reality, but it is not a literal reality. It is cut, edited, chopped, spliced, diced, thriced (is that a word?), reshot, reshot again, and manipulated scene by scene that depicts things happening in the real world. The difference between these shows and “Sitcoms”? It isn’t “obviously” scripted, but hardly the case. And it is shot in camera angles and filters that give a more realistic or earthy tone, and not one provided by a set on a stage in Hollywood. So, are you still confused what actually makes the difference between scripted sitcoms and reality television? My answer: Exactly. But, the events people see on their television set is told to them, “This is the reality, this happened exactly how you see it,” And they do not question its legitimacy. In fact, they accept it.

What would happen if you somehow overlapped the two? The reality we live in, and the one portrayed on television? Well, a very skewed and confusing reality (the actual one). Those who had it done to them, who believe both to be legitimate while in fact only one was, would mean that 50% of their reality was false. That 50% of what they believed and held to be true is negated. And if that belief were high enough, it could disrupt society to such an extent it could be detrimental. The question, and this is where a deep fear comes, is that who will it be more damaging to? Harmful to those living in actual reality, or those residing in a type of parallel universe? What is feared by me is that it would be those in real reality. Why? Because living in actual reality you are grounded and know, but when faced with those in both there is an issue of the attempts to get them back to the true, but they will fight with 50% of themselves to hold on to the part you are trying to help them see false. That, then, causes the non-reality to become their priority, and slowly or quickly (because we do not know) take over.

Their reality will be entirely destroyed. Their reality is a delusion, disproportionate, and fragmented.

Now, when we speak of Donald J. Trump, we are at the epitome of overlapping “Reality TV” and “Reality.” And it is not as if this is being overlapped with some appearance or an organization. You are attempting to overlap these with the government of the 3rd largest country in the World. And not only an aspect of the Government but the leader of that country. The person hundreds of thousands of people will meet in other countries and judge our nation by. What has been said to many as, “the most powerful country in the World.” And instead of electing and promoting a person with experience and knowledge, they are so taken by their delusional reality that they will select someone with not only no expertise in the government at the Federal level but not even have experience at the state or basic minimum city level.

As an example, it could be asked, would you replace the CEO of Apple with an 18-year-old high school graduate? Would you replace Bill Gates with Alexander McQueen (high-end fashion designer)? Of course not. The first is obvious, experience. The second shows that although one can be a master at something, it does not mean they would be a good candidate to take over a major office as CEO of one of the two largest technology companies in the United States. Can you imagine what their stocks would do the day after that happened? How the people that report to the “new CEO” would react? Can you imagine what would happen to a country if a person with no political experience was placed to lead?

Well, then I ask you, what is the difference in electing Donald Trump to be the President of the United States of America? The answer: Nothing in the least. Of course, it is not making a demand that a candidate has a Ph.D. in Law and Political Science, not in the least. But, it is critical for the smooth and knowledgeable running of the country that the person, at least, have a bit of experience.

Why? Because if you did make a high school graduate the CEO of Apple, not only would their interior platform collapse as the weight of doing multiple jobs and training the person who should be equipped to at least grasp the position, the stocks of that company would completely plummet. Why? Lack of proper leadership. Lack of the talent factor.

If, on the other hand, that high school graduate had created a technology company, and showed an innate skill in leadership in that field that even surpassed that of Bill Gates and Tim Cook combined, well, then move over Mr. Cook! Until then? The same principles that we make many decisions stay in place, a societal norm that has been since humans came into being, which is proving yourself.